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  • Shree Jari Version: "The Most Boring Logo In The Wiki", "Shivaka's Most Boring/Cheesy Logo", "Beffica Films' Cousin", "That Logo With No Animation", "And That's Why I Didn't Watch Shree Jari", "Never Watch Shree Jari".
  • Shree Jari II: "AHH!! MY EARS!!", "What They Were Thinking?!".

Visuals: On a black background is a golden/orange gradient number "101".

Variant: On Shree Jari II, the animation has a 3-G Home Video style.

Technique/Cheesy Factor:

  • Shree Jari: None, which makes this logo very awful, and could break the WHOLE scale. There is nothing more cheesy than just a number over a black background. The most worst logo in this wiki ever. But however, the Shree Jari II variant is...
  • Shree Jari II: Same as 3-G Home Video but...WHAT THEY WERE THINKING?? This logo ALL comes with a very loud whooshing noise that scare some. The most SCARIEST variant ever!

Audio: None.

Audio Variant: On Shree Jari II, it has a very loud whooshing noise.

Availability: Seen only on the VHS tape of Shree Jari.

Scare Factor;

Depends on the variant:

  • Shree Jari: None, it’s a boring logo. Compared what it follows the next variant...
  • Shree Jari II: High to nightmare. The very loud whooshing noise can always be scary to some. The animation makes the scare factor increase, too. Yes, it is nightmare or off the scale if you were expecting the original version and end up with this.