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Columbia TriStar TV Costumer Products

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Year: 2000-2008

Birthdate: April 18 2000

Nickname: The Torch Lady And The Pegasus Are In One Of These Two Squares

Background: The Blue, Orange, Yellow, And White Air Clouds

Second Background: Really Light Blue

Miscelanious: Universal TelevisionTribune EntertainmentVideolade CompanyDoradoHit Entertainment

Sony Pictures Vision/Television Costumer Products

Year: 2008-2012

Birthdate: July 17 2008

Nickname: The Letter S And The Letters TCP

Background: Curtain

Miscelanious: Amblin EntertainmentEighteen EntertainmentParamount Pictures Animation20th Century Allemn Home Entertainment

AP Studios

Year: Mid 2012-Present

Birthdate: June 26 2012

Nickname: The Letters AP

Background: Yard

Miscelanious: ContentFilm TelevisionCoastline PartnersRagdoll LimitedVervane Entertainment