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BackGround:Called Hat On the Tint Toontastic & Fox Interactive Studios Cat Pizza Productions

NickNames:Cat Pizza

Logo:on A Dark Green Background Drawing a Cat & Them Hats On & Shirts On & Pants on & Collar On & washed hat Galt Pizarro Pants in red shirt in blue collar in yellow shoes on shoes in black arm brisket Arm in Purple You on black word a cat pizza productions


Music/Sounds:the VCI Music 1986

Scare Factor:good Cat

A Cat Full Moon TV

NickNames:A Night Moon & Cat & 20th Century Fox

Logo:On Night Background When oh Who's Zooms in

File:Intro logo.jpg

FX/SFX:Zooming In

Music/Sounds:the 20th Century Fox Television Theme is Pater

Scare Factor:Nice Nicknames:Running into

Logo:on a Yellow Background We See Cat Runs out when Moon Goes up side

File:ICloud .jpg


Music/Sounds:runs & up,set none

Scare Factor:it's Day

A The Cat & The Dog Television Inc

NickNames:Dog & Cat

Logo On a Black Background We see a box runs in cat & dogs

Will turns black only zooms in text & company names



Music/Sounds:Ditty Like Looking in Bark & Meows in &'Zooms Warner Bros Pictures