Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

1st Logo


Nicknames "Projector I"

Logo: On A Grey Background,We See A Blue Projector Zooms In,When It Stops,The Blue Text Fades In From A TIMES NEW ROMAN Font.

FX/SFX: The Projector Zooms In,The Text Fade In.

Music/Sounds: Same As The Crown Movie Classics Logo.

Scare Factor: Low Bordering On High.

2nd Logo


Nicknames "Projector II" "Weird Projector"

Logo: On A Black Background,We See A Fist Coming Out Of The Screen,When It Finishes,The Text "ADVERTISERMOVIES" Appear In A Arial Font,And The White Projector Zooms In.


Music/Sounds: Same As The Authority Films Ltd. Logo.

Scare Factor: High.

3rd Logo


Nicknames "Projector III" "Projector From Hell/Heck"

Logo: On A Space Background,We See A Red Projector Fade In,When It Stops,The Text "ADVERTISERMOVIES" In A Comic Sans Font Fade In,When It Stops,The Text Disappears,And The Projector Zooming In,The Screen Fills To Red.


Music/Sounds: A Lightning Flashing,And A Creepy Synth That Plays Backwards.

Scare Factor: Nightmare,Because The Logo Makes Me Scared,So This Is Worse Than Padmashree Enterprises,ScreenAdvertising,Ismail Production,And Chi Luen Film Company.

4th Logo


Nicknames "Projector IV" "Projector From Heaven"

Logo: On A Aurora Gradient Background,We See A Neon Projector Zooming In,When It Stops,The Text "ADVERTISERMOVIES" In Arial Black Fade In.


Music/Sounds: Same As The Space Odyssey 2001 Theme.

Scare Factor: Minimal,It's A Cheesy Logo!

5th Logo



6th Logo