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Logo: On a blue background we see a white mountain fading in,It stands 2 seconds before the Name wiping in,It stands a few seconds before the Name is in pashto,the logo shines before the logo fades out.

Trivia: The paramount mountain that is similar to the paramount logo.

Variant: This used a ultra dark version logo.


Cheesy Factor: Low.

Music/Sounds: A synth melody with a chime bells, followed by a Synthesizer with a whoosh sound.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The music played the Greek Vision Logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: A synthesizer with lasers,a synth zap and a clashing sounds is heard.

Availability: Rare,I might found in this films in the company.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Variant: Low to high.
  • Ultra dark Variant: Medium to nightmare.