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Background: Akita Neru Video was a Japanese distributor that made local VHS anime videos, at the time, only in 1980's. Since became a movie company, that released some Japanese movies at the time.


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Fake - Akita Neru Video - logo, 198?

Nicknames: "DeltaVideo Logo Ripoff" "Why They Wont Stop" "Alright, Akita Neru Isn't Here!" "Where's Akita Neru?" "Akita News Productions' Lost Cousin" "Actually It's Your Kitty!" "Cornflakes and Green Bunny's Lost Brother"

Logo: On a black/dark blue space background, we see 14 cubes flying apart, at the time, goes to form to an line, with 14 cubes. 2 lasers are appearing, exploding two cubes as it reveals "AK". It does 4 times, as it reveals "AKITA NERU". We wait at 3 seconds, as they do it again but in 5 times, and reveals "VIDEO, as it forms to "AKITA NERU", which is this:


On a few seconds, its text starts to explode on particles. The glowing text "AKITA NERU VIDEO" is flying, with a light-blue glow. as it stops zooming, the logo, which is "ANV" with "A" connected to the "N". and connected to the "V". Also, the text "presents" or "プレゼント" appears in bottom of "AKITA NERU VIDEO"

FX/SFX: 14 cubes flying, each laser exploding, the text deforming and exploding, the appearing.

Music/Sounds: Some piano sounds(Which reminds me at the start of the Sogitec demoreel), with bangs until the lasers explode the cubes, an bombastic when the text deforms, and the majestic trumpet fanfare when the text appears.

Availability: Rare, can be seen on Toei, Shochiku, Shintoho and Toho releases from the time, on 1895 or 1980's. Until it ended at the time, it can be seen on other releases of Akita Neru Video, only if you live in Japan.

Editor's Note: Very cheaply done CGI animation from this era.