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Alarm Blares Studios is an Nigerian company in 2009.

1st Logo (2009-December 30, 2013)

Alarm Blares Studios (2009-2013, Nigera)

Nicknames: "Boring Alarm Blares" "Alarm Blares Studios Nigeria" "The Boring Nigerian Logo"

Logo: It's just text on a black background saying "Alarm Blares Studios Nigeria", and under the text id "Presents".

Technique/Cheesy Factor: None, this logo has no effort whatsoever. But it gets cheesier from what followed...

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on The Igbo Pirates, and more.

Scare Factor: None, this logo is very boring. But it's about to get worse from here because of what followed...

2nd Logo (December 31, 2013-June 1, 2019)

Alarm Blares Studios (2013-2019, Nigera)

WARNING: Due to gore, any videos nor photos (except one) will not be allowed on this site! also, don't watch this video if your prone to seizures.

Nicknames: "AIB" "AIB Of Doom" "Cheesy AIB" "The 2nd Worst Nightmare Logo Of All Time" "Creepy Productions And Zombastic Productions Inc. Nigerian Brother" "...And You Thought That Valseco Ind. Ltd. Wasn't Enough!" "Vlideo Films Sister" "The Cheesiest And Scariest Nigerian Logo Of All Time" "M.J.R Home Video Of Nigeria" "The Blatant Use Of The Channel V Australia Horror Ident And Other" "The Ruler Of The Cheesy Logo Parlor" "The Nigerian Nightmare" "The Scariest African Logo"

Logo: We first see stock animation of clouds moving left, then a building then rises up out of nowhere. And then we zoom in to a window of the building. When it's fully zoomed in, we fade into footage of the Channel V Horror Ident from Austrillia, and then fade to the Film4 TOYBP Mélaine Light (Extended Cut) Ident, and back to the Channel V Horror Ident. When the monster showed up, the screen started flashing red over and over, as the boy was fully eaten we fade back to Film4 TOYBP Mélaine Light (Extended Cut) Ident but when the man was fully killed, blood splatters everywhere as an "AIB" in random different fonts zoom out of the screen before the text "Alarm Blares Studios" in a bloodied, bleeding messed up font zoom's in at us.

Technique: Everything in this logo.

Cheesy Factor: Ruin's everything in this logo! this is perhaps the cheesiest Nigerian logo ever. First off, the animation of the clouds look really cheap and done in 75 FPS and the building is just a stock image! Second, the logo used in this logo are also clearly stolen from the Channel V Horror Ident from Austrillia, and the Film4 TOYBP Mélaine Light (Extended Cut) Ident from UK. Third, the logo is starting to get dated and old in 2019. Fourth, the animation of the logo forming Seem's to be made in a video editor like PowerPoint or Pinnacle Studio, making the logo even worse. Not only that, but the sound effects in this logo is really cheesy sounding. And finally, lest just say that IT'S WAY CHEAPER THAN LOIN BASE!. This is the worst Nigerian logo, and the worst Nightmare logo (along with Zombastic Productions, Inc).

Music/Sounds: Some ghostly noises were heard when the cloud were present, then audio from both the logo were heard. And when the monster appeared a mix of alarm noises and screaming noises were heard and lasted for the entire logo.

Availability: Seen on TBA! and other movies.

Scare Factor: Nightmare, this is the scariest Nigerian logo of all time, thanks to the gore, the music, and the animation. The darkness may also contribute as well, and this logo will give many nightmares to many Nigerians. But the fact that it's follows the silent warning screen makes it's 10 times scarier than Amaco Productions and Valesco. But his is truly the cheapest Nigerian logo ever that many people will laugh at and it will lower the scariness. This is on par with Zombastic Productions, Inc.

3rd Logo (2019-pres)

Logo: TBA.

Technique: CGI

Cheesy Factor: This logo is way better than the last logo thanks to the lack of cheesiness.

Music/Sounds: A happy, proud fanfare.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor: None, this is way better than the last logo.