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background:argentina alfei job is a photographer (1897) her sister tia alfei made the first photoshop (est.1899) her brother timm alfei has to leave the hollywood (est. 1903) her brother returned (1903) then alfei film studio was born

1st logo (1903-1912)

nicknames:"flying lines" "line of the old time"

logo:on a space background we see 3 line flying to the left side then when the background is gone they from an "A" then "alfei film studio" is showed

FX: the line the from of an a and the company name

trivia:if you want to know who made the logo... it's argentina and her brother kirby alfei they done the logo at 10 minutes and boom

cheesy factor:whoa! color pencil paper animation


  • 1903-1909:a 8-note piano
  • 1909-1912:the opening theme of the movie


  • 1903:wake me up in the year 2907 and kirby home
  • 1904:go-fred,al 1928 and pictures of hell
  • 1905:tech boy and 1946
  • 1906:1922,salty kids and hellhouse
  • 1907:get it and o-don
  • 1908:noby dicky,we are the world 60 year people and 1882
  • 1909:kui,shooting to the sun and sico
  • 1910:the middle of the night and dark lights
  • 1911:can time be forever and ever and ever and ever? and jon bayworld
  • 1912:the lights and timer

scare factor:none

2nd logo (1912-1919)

nicknames:"the black and white planet and the lines of the 1910's"

logo:on a gray background we see a green planet (in black and white) next 5 lines are showed then it is gone the text "alfei film studio sildes into the right

FX:the 1st cel animation

trivia:the company that made it was banno film studio they done it 15 min.


  • sometimes it's the opening theme of the moive
  • sometimes it's a gong sound
  • sometimes it's a fire sound


  • 1912:eastworld and 3.d.a.
  • 1913:1991,trip to the core and thxdsi
  • 1914:tokyo 2020 and meow
  • 1915:sweet home new york and pompeii
  • 1916:soft cell,the unborn and dark water
  • 1917:the movie of the whole times in the world and forever
  • 1918: i'm on top of the world,black and 2012
  • 1919:o-timeline and 3/8/1948

scare factor:none

3rd logo(1919-1924)

logo:we see a white planet then 2 white and 2 black glass line are seen in a round glass window then "alfei film studio" is seen

FX:the glass showed and the text


  • sometimes it's had no music/sounds
  • sometimes it's glass braking


  • 1919:2953,2986 and 2991
  • 1920:3183,the forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and dawn of time
  • 1921:logo haul and fowl play
  • 1922:bull-e and jai olai
  • 1923:pompeii 2:pompi and green haul
  • 1924:spand,kioy ajiolret and fioti fireoais

scare factor:low