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1st (known) Logo


Nickname: "Pig vs Amona Al Mazyona!"

Logo: On a white background, we see the Amona Al Mazyona logo with Amona on top. Then, a pig from the A Film Eesti logo walking, says "I hate this show!" and kicks the logo away. Now, he gets a light-red block with the company name in black, capital letters. He jumps stands on the logo and says "That's better!".

FX/SFX: The pig walking, saying "I hate this show!", kicking the logo away, getting the new logo, jumping, standing on the logo, saying "That's better!".

Music/Sounds: Sound effects (footsteps, punch) and a voice for the pig's dialogue.

Availability: Seen on The Anti-Amona Al Mazyona Show.

Editor's Note: The pig kicking the Amona Al Mazyona logo is a favourite to many Anti-Amona fans, and this logo was an inspiration to Conker's "N64 to Rareware" logo.