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Background: In 1982, Amorim Nazario (pronounced "a-MORE-inm NAZ-are-o") was formed in a garage in Rio De Janiero. The name of the company derives from the last names of the owners Opl Amorim and Puerto Rican-born animator Zulmy Nazario.

1982 - 2003[]


(July 12, 1982, December 12, 1982)


Nicknames: "Hyper Scary Face", "Klasky Csupo Prototype", "Oh ****", "Creepy Face", "Amorim Csupo (Amorim Csupo (not to be confused with the company of the same name)), "The Short Film Days", "Face from Hell"

Logo: The logo in a Klasky Csupo-style logo (as blocks) wiggle a small bit and then 4 seconds after fall down. and an explosion happens.

It turns to the real AN logo but the "AZARIO" part is corrupted. A face appears around it and says "It's Amorim Nazario." Everything but the face disappears. It winks.

Availability: Uncommon. Used on Matsquirrels until the movie. However it had switched back to this logo between 2013 and 2015. Not as common on other media.


  • This logo is still used sometimes.
  • When this logo was made, Amorim Nazario was a short film company.


(December 24, 1982 - July 16, 2002)


Amorim Nazario logo (1982 - 2003)

Nicknames: "The Rolling Ball", "Children Shout For Adults", "Roool", "Outdated Logo", "The SSF's Friendly Brother", "Super Strange Face", "Super Large Eyes", "Living Dough"

Logo: The Amorim Nazario logo appears while children say the company name. It then cuts to a ball rolling on a light green background to eventually look at the viewer. Then the Amorim Nazario logo spells out in front of him and then he makes some faces before the logo ends.

FX/SFX: Roool rolling.

Music/Sounds: The children shouting "AMORIM NAZARIO!".


  • In Amorim Nazario Movies logo, the background is white and the scene where Roool makes the faces are changed to a face of surprise, and the movies is added in the middle of the logo. Then Roool gives a smile.
  • In another Amorim Nazario Movies logo (1999 - 2005), he is replaced by Rollita, his sister. It also adds "Movies" as a last word in every mention of Amorim Nazario.
  • Still version on Matsquirrels VHS tapes from 2003 to 2007.

Availability: Common. However, it wasn't used on Amorim Nazario's most famous show, Matsquirrels, until the movie (although it was the Movies "Rollita" logo).


  • In 1999, the rolling ball face was given the name "Roool". In the same year, he started starring in "The Amorim Nazario Show", which also has Roool's and Splaat's family. It also has a animated version of Splaat from the Klasky Csupo logo, who is Roool's rival. Light was eventually given to the name Splaat for the Klasky Csupo logo robot face in later episodes of this show, however, in the earlier episodes, he was called "Robobug".
  • He is not a metal ball, he is a ball made from dough as confirmed from Opl Amorim.

Editor's Note: There are some people who find this logo scary/creepy, most other people think it's just annoying. And most others find it cute.

2003 - 2009[]

(January 1, 2003 - July 16, 2009)


Amorim Nazario (2003 - 2009)

Nicknames: "The Rolling Ball II", "Smaller Eyes", "Redesigned Roool", "Dough Animation II", 'Splaat's Friendly Brother II",

Logo: The Amorim Nazario logo appears while children say the company name. It then cuts to Roool rolling on a darkish green background to look at the viewer. "Amorim" slides out of his mouth but discarded to the logo spelling out in various ways. Roool backs up and the "Amorim" appears. The A turns and goes back to its original direction and "Nazario" is spelled out. He says Amorim Nazario with each letter appearing as he speaks it. He makes some faces again, but they are not the same as the original.

FX/SFX: Unlike the original, Roool is animated in a pretty impressive way.

Music/Sounds: A small sound at the start of the dough animation that can only be heard with loud volume and the children shouting "AMORIM NAZARIO!" (sounding slightly older than the original).

Availability: Very common. Used since 2005 in Matsquirrels.


  • The 2005 logo of "Amorim Nazario Movies" with the Rollita logo.
  • Shortened version in S13 E25 of Matsquirrels, "Where's My Tea?"

Trivia: The fact he is grey in this logo has led to a search for what Roool was originally intended to be.