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Background: Angry Dak Productions was a company distributor who made some movies by Dak.

1st Logo (1987-1992)

Nicknames: "Chinese Dak, But He's Not Here"


(FAKE) Angry Dak Productions Co Ltd (1987)

Logo: We see the chinese text on a black background, on a few minutes it fades out.

FX/SFX: None, the fading.

Music/Sounds: The theme from Luckfilm Productions.

Availability: May be seen on some movies, like The Emperor Dak.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (1992-1998)

Nicknames: "Angry Dak" "Hey, It's Dak" "Pail: What's Wrong, Dak?" "Angry Waddle Doo Productions (Hong Kong)'s Lost Brother"

Logo: On a background from the Cathay 1961 logo, we see Dak, looking us angrily. We see the Chinese text on top of Dak with the english text. A few minutes, it fades out.


Music/Sounds: The Cathay Organization 1961 logo.

Availability: Seen on some movies from the 1992. One example is The Emperor Dak II.

Editor's Note: TBA

3rd Logo (1998)

Nicknames: "Angry Dak II" "Neon Dak" "Glowing Dak" "Red Circle: What's wrong with him?" "Another Lost Hong Kong Brother"

Logo: We see a bunch of lines and parts, forming Dak from the previous logo. It glows. with the Text and the Chinese text appearing. Some chinese text types in.


Music/Sounds: The new Cathay Organisation logo.

Availability: Extinct, may be seen on movies from the era. Two examples are: The Lost Pail and The Emperor Dak III.

Editor's Note: TBA