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Background: Angry Denzel Productions is a British film production company founded in June 5, 1936. It did not use a logo until May 2014.

(May 2014-)

*You can listen to this audio file here.*

Nickname: "Why Denzel Get Angry?" "Denzel: I Do Not Dig This!!!" "Denzel Gets Mad at Murdoc and Gets UnGrounded" "Denzel!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Logo: On a Red Background We See Denzel Dugglemonster (From Henry Hugglemonster) Is Being Angry as He Cannot Be True As Well with the Words "ANGRY DENZEL PRODUCTIONS" in Arial Font in White and "Presents" in Same Color is Shown.

FX/SFX: None. Expect Logo Fading in and Out.

Music/Sound: Same as Angry Sir Ebrum and Lady Like Productions (Indonesia).

Availability: Seen on a UK Films Likely as Well. It Was First Seen On "Strange Love of a Ghost".

Editor’s Note: None.