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Background: Angry Henry Productions is an Australian film production and distribution company founded in May 1, 1942. Its first film was Grave Robbers from Outer Space, but it did not use a logo until June 2013.

(June 2013-)

Nicknames: "Why's Henry Being Angry?" "Grrrr Roar!!" "Angry Logo: The Australian Way"

Logo: On a Blue Background We See Henry (from Henry HuggleMonster) Being Angry With The Words "ANGRY HENRY PRODUCTIONS" in Red Appearing in Through top on Henry So Few Second of Logo until Logo Ends.

FX/SFX: None. Expect Fading in and Out...

Cheesy Factor: ...but why did Henry get angry?

Music/Sound: An FilmGroup Logo Fanfare.

Music/Sound Variants:

  • On German Version of "Jack has a New Hat" That Logo Had a Paramount Pictures Fanfare is Heard Due to A Reverse Plaster Error.
  • on 2014 USA DVD Prints of "Bucky The Talking Cat" Opening of a Original Old Movie.
  • On Romanian Version of "Bucky the Talking Cat II" The Logo has New Line Cinemas Theme is Heard Due to a Split-Screen Error.
  • On Spanish Prints of "Al Beneath Penlope" The Closing Logo Music is Heard Due to the Editing Mistake.
  • On Romanian Closing Prints of "Bucky the Talking Cat (1942)" The Hanna Barbara Zooming Logo is Heard and The Horn Theme from 1994 Warner Bros Television is Heard at The End Due to the Editing Error.
  • On Dutch DVD Prints of "Hind-Sight" The Logo had a Old 20th Century Fox Logo Theme is Heard Due to a Plastering Error.

Availability: Seen on Austrailan Films Appearing on 2013.

Editor’s Note: None.