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1st Logo (1991-2001)

Nickname: "Flying Bomb Of Doom"

Logo: On a light blue or an orange background, we see a rectangle with the words "Angry Seagull Productions", then a seagull made from Bombs flies into the rectangle. Then the logo Explodes At the End.

Variant: There is a variation where the background is Animated and takes place in New York.

Music/Sounds: Really fast Paced techno Music With a Kaboom Noise at the end.

Availability: Seen on Crazy Kid Stuck On The Internet On Nicktoons.

Scare Factor: Medium. The appearance of the Bomb seagull can catch you off guard, but otherwise harmless But it gets Worse On the Next Logo.

2nd Logo (2001-Present)

Nicknames: "OH NO! It's gone worse!" "The Seizure Including Logo"




Music And Sounds:TBA


Scare Factor:Despends On the Varient

  • Original:Heart Attack!!!!!!