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Background: This was the movie studio of Argosy Media, launched in 1910.

Argosy Productions[]

(1910-January 8, 1932)     

Nicknames: "The Stylized A", "The Argosy Emblem" 

Logo: On a black background, we see two triangles and a circle stylized to look like the letter "A" in white. Below that is the words "Argosy Productions" in white.

Trivia: In 1975, as part of the 65th anniversary of Argosy Pictures, the company recovered the stylized A.

Variant: A color variant of the logo exists, where the stylized "A" is red. It appears on colorized prints.

FX/SFX: None 

Music/Sounds: None or the film's opening theme.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen in all films by Argosy Productions from 1910 to 1932; but its films in the 1910s era and some in 1920s era were considered lost. The color variant is seen on colorized prints.

Scare Factor: None, but the color variant may surprise you when you first see it. 

Argosy Films[]

1st Logo (January 8, 1932-August 7, 1951) []

Nicknames: "The Cityscape" 

Logo: We see a city skyline in black on a gray background. The words "ARGOSY FILMS" in white are at the top of the screen, and "PRESENTS" in black is below the "ARGOSY FILMS" text. 


  • There is a color variant, mostly seen in later films. In it, The background is blue, "ARGOSY FILMS" is in green and "PRESENTS" is in red. 
  • There is an ultra rare variant where "ARGOSY FILMS" zooms into the screen and "PRESENTS" fades in. 

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the film's opening theme.

Availability: Rare. Seen in all films by Argosy Films from 1932 to 1951. The color variant appeared in later films, from about 1945 to 1951.

Scare Factor: Depending on the variant: 

  • Standard Variant: Minimal to low.
  • Color Variant: Minimal.

2nd Logo (August 7, 1951-March 23, 1964) []

Logo: On a white background, the letter "A" in Georgia Bold font appears in white. The screen changes to the negatives making the "A" black and the background white. The "A" pans to the left and changes back to the original colors. On the right, "rgosy Films" on the same font is typed. 


  • In color prints, the logo white parts are sky blue. 
  • On some movies, at the end, the logo plays in reverse instead of fading out

FX/SFX: The flashing and the typing. 

Cheesy Factor: None, however, in the variant, the logo, playing in reverse seems to suggest that the designer(s) did not have enough time and money to actually make additional animation. 

Music/Sounds: The Morse code for "Argosy Films".

Music/Sounds Variants:  In the reverse variant, the Morse code plays in reverse when the logo is reversed. 

Availability: Rare. Seen in all films made by Argosy Films from 1951 to 1964. It can be found in VHS tapes and some DVDs of films that were released during the period.

Scare Factor: Depending on the variant: 

  • Standard Variant: Medium. The fast animation and morse code can put off quite a few. 
  • Reverse Variant: Low.

3rd Logo (1957-April 1964)[]

Argosy Films (1957-1964)

Logo: On A blue background, we see the word "ARGOSY" in red and in Gill Sans Bold Italic inside a yellow box. Below the logo is the text "FILMS" in green and in the Microgramma Bold Extended font.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme.

Availability: Common

Scare Factor: None

4th Logo (March 23, 1964- January 1 1969)  []

Logo: On the black background, numerous different-colored copies of the text "ARGOSY FILMS" in Gill Sans Bold font zoom out, which eventually combine and turn blue. After four seconds, the animation plays in reverse.

FX/SFX: The zooming in of the logo, the text trailing and dissolving and animation playing in reverse .

Cheesy Factor: The animation of the logo is dated and simple and it uses nearly all the manner of Scanimate effects.

Music/Sounds: A wind chime sound effect when the logo zoom in, silence when the text appears and another wind chime sound when the logo zoom out. 

Availability: Uncommon, Seen in all films by Argosy Films from 1964 to 1968. It was mostly seen in old VHS tapes and DVDs.

Scare Factor: Low to medium; the animation playing in reverse may be intimidating. It's nothing compared to the next logo. 

5th Logo (October 29, 1968 - 1975) []

Nicknames: "Argosy of Doom", "The (Former) Lost Logo" 

Logo: We see a smoky dark red background. Several seconds later, the text "ARGOSY FILMS" in Gill Sans Bold font and in white zooms into the screen to the height point while the background slowly turns blue. Two seconds later, the logo zooms out and pans to the left.

Variant: The still variant exists, used in ending of films. 

FX/SFX: The zooming and the smoke effects. 

Music/Sounds: A loud and rather ominous fanfare that grows more and more dramatic. Three violin/timpani stabs play in sync with the animations at the end. 

Music/Sounds Variants: 

  • Sometimes, it is silent.

Availability: Uncommon.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. The loud ominous fanfare, the in-your-face animation and the hellish red smoke can scare a lot of people and give viewers some creeps for many years to come.

Argosy Pictures[]

1st Logo

(December 17, 1975-2012)

Opening Logo:"ARGOSY PICTURES" zooms in. Then "PRESENTS" fades in below "ARGOSY PICTURES". Starting in 2000,it blended in with the video theme of the film. Usually,this comes after the logo of that time,sometimes don't appear.

Closing Logo: Basically a white copyright disclaimer on a black BG saying "(C) (YEAR) ARGOSY PICTURES".

FX/SFX: None (or the fading in and out if you want to count it), or the scrolling up of the text in the closing credits on some movies.

Music/Sounds/Voices: None,or the ending theme of the movie.

Availability: Common. First appeared on B.O.O.M. Appears at the end of credits of movies made by Argosy up to 2012, when it was replaced by the closing variant of the 5th logo.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo:

(December 2nd, 1982-2011)

Logo: Aaron, a grey cat with green eyes and red mouth peeks from the bottom of the screen. Then runs around the street. He goes on and on and on and on and on (about 8 times). When he stops, we see a sign saying "ARGOSY PICTURES" in a colorful font, then Aaron falls into a hole.


  • Starting in 1984, he speaks. As he falls in the hole, a "WHOA!" is heard instead.
  • In cult films between 1985-1996, he crashes to the sewer below the hole.
  • By late-1999, coinciding with Aaron's change of design, his whiskers are now visible, and his eyes switched to a black cornea with a white pupil.
  • By 2009, the logo is now animated using Blender.

FX/SFX: Cartoon animation.

Music/Sounds: A hip-hop tune, with screeching sounds as Aaron stops. Then a slight swish as he falls into the hole.

Availability: First spotted on Aaron: The Movie, which was released in theaters on December 2nd, 1982. Was discontinued in 2011.

Scare Factor: Low.

3rd Logo:

(January 1, 2000-January 16, 2010)

Logo: On a morning sky background, particles zoom toward us. We zoom out through a sphere, which turns chrome. We zoom out further which reveals the particles formed the "A" and the text "RGOSY PICTURES".

FX/SFX: The particles.

Music/Sounds: Silent, or the opening theme of the movie, or an 6-note orchestral tune.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo:

(December 18, 2009-2012)

Logo: On a black BG, orange glowing wave/swirls form the "A" in gold, then "RGOSY PICTURES" in silver slides in from the bottom.

FX/SFX: Not that much.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Current.

Scare Factor: None.

5th Logo:


Logo: Opening Vairiant: Same as the 2011 AM logo, except it says "Argosy Pictures" instead of "Argosy Media".

Closing Variant: The print logo of AP at the time, which is the opening variant in a box, excluding the tool box, and "Argosy Pictures" is below the box, with the "A" in it's corporate form. The Argosy Entertainment byline is below that.

FX/SFX: None, unless you count it scrolling up with the credits at the end of them and it fading out to be FX/SFX.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the movie.

Avalibility: Common. Seen at the end of the credits on movies from Argosy in 2012.

Scare Factor: None.

9th Logo


Nicknames: "HBO 1982 Ripoff"

Opening Logo: On a space background, we see a golden metallic version of the "Big A". The camera zooms through the Big A and then into the Earth, then the DinosaurGuy Minneapolis skyline. After the camera zooms through Minneapolis, it goes past the highway and tree from Argosy Media's 1993 logo, revealing a house. The camera zooms into a window on the house, revealing a staircase; the camera goes up the stairs and then through a nearby door, revealing the titular bedroom from "My Bedroom is Freaking Out!". Afterwards, it zooms out of the bedroom window, through the street from the second logo, and then into the hole, revealing a starfield. We see the OxiClean bucket with 22 stars encircling it from the OxiClean Studios logo (OxiClean Studios is owned by DinosaurGuy, which is owned by Argosy). The camera zooms past it, revealing an Earth-like planet. After the camera zooms onto the Earth-like planet, we see Sarah from "Revenge of Sarah" with a lighter (implying that animal abuse is about to happen) swearing (but bleeped out) at Gar from the Calico Media logo. Afterwards, the camera zooms through the nearby city (which looks like Tokyo, Japan) and into a house, where we see people watching the original OxiClean commercial with Billy Mays on a TV. The camera zooms out of one of the windows, revealing a building, which it zooms into, revealing the bowling alley from Argosy Media's 1996 logo, with Classic Aaron bowling. After Classic Aaron's ball hits the pins, the camera zooms into the ball-return hole, revealing a portal. Behind this portal is the field from Argosy Media's 2013 logo; Modern Aaron runs into frame with a Big A flag on his tail and says: "Best known for it's purr-fect movies, high quality, and me, Aaron, it's the one and only, Argosy Pictures!" Below Modern Aaron, the text "argosy pictures" (in Verdana Bold) fades in; the Argosy Entertainment byline (in Verdana Regular) fades in below "argosy pictures" shortly after.


  • 2015-2017: an argosy entertainment company
  • 2017-present: ARGOSY MEDIA is a trademark of the ARGOSY ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

Closing Logo: A still variant of the opening logo.

Copyright Notice: The following in-credit text scrolls up:

(movie name) Copyright © (year) Argosy Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This motion picture © (year) Argosy Media Corporation, Argosy Entertainment Group, and DinosaurGuy International Media Services, Inc.

Story and Screenplay
© (year) Argosy Media Corporation and Argosy Entertainment Group

Original Score
© (year) Argosy Records, LLC

Animated Argosy Pictures Logo
© 2015-(year) Argosy Pictures and Home Box Office

Argosy Media Corporation, Argosy Entertainment Group, Argosy Pictures, and DinosaurGuy International Media Services, Inc. are the authors of this motion picture for the purposes of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious.
Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
This motion picture is protected by copyright laws of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, El Kadsre, Minecraftia, Kittenolivia, and all countries throughout the world. All rights reserved.
Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) is an infringement of the relevant copyright and will subject the infringer to severe civil and criminal penalties.
Country of First Publication: United States of America.

For the purposes of United Kingdom copyright, Argosy Pictures was the owner of copyright in this film immediately after it was made.

Distributed worldwide by Argosy Pictures

Copyright Notice Variants: For most films in the Aaron series, the following text is added to the copyright notice (in between the Berne Convention notice and the work of fiction notice):

© (year) Argosy Media Corporation. (movie name), The Aaron Show, The New Aaron Show and all related material are registered trademarks of Argosy Media Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

In the 2018 film "Aaron: The Ultimate Epic Crossover Movie" (a crossover involving all of the films, TV shows, and video games that Argosy owns the rights to), the following text regarding Sarah (from "Revenge of Sarah") is added in between the Aaron copyright notice and the work of fiction notice:

The views and opinions expressed by Sarah in the film that the government is taking control of our lives are solely her own, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Argosy Media Corporation or the filmmakers. Neither the Argosy Media Corporation or the filmmakers make any representation of the accuracy of any such views and opinions.

In most Argosy films animated using Adobe Flash, the text "Created with Adobe Flash" is added below the various "distributed by" notices. In most Argosy films animated using Blender, the text "Created with Blender" is added below the various "distributed by" notices.

FX/SFX: EXTRAORDINARY CGI created by Argosy Media.

Cheesy Factor: The opening and closing logos are not cheesy at all, but the copyright notice is WAY too long. I can imagine Disney using something that long, but even THEY use shorter boilerplate text. (Speaking of unneeded legal notices, most movies featuring Argosy's many feline characters have an American Humane Association notice saying that "no cats were harmed in the making of this film", even though the cats are ANIMATED.)

Music/Sounds: The 1982 HBO Feature Presentation theme, with bleep sounds added during the Sarah/Gar scene, the sounds of the original OxiClean commercial dubbed in during the TV scene, and Classic Aaron's lines from the 1996 Argosy Media logo dubbed onto the bowling alley scene. When Modern Aaron runs onto the field, the 1983 Argosy Media theme plays as he says his lines.

Availability: Current. Seen on all Argosy movies after 2015. First seen on "Aaron's Great Adventure: The Movie".

Scare Factor: Medium, due to the dramatics, Billy Mays shouting, and the implied animal abuse.