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  1st Logo (1981-1984)

Logo: On a sky background, the words "ARGOSY PICTURES HOME VIDEO" in gold fade in and shine once. The word "International" fadesbelow the Argosy text, and the "A" enters from the right of the screen and settles above it.

FX/SFX:The text fading in and shining,

Music/Sounds:A calm synth theme with some wind chimes and a "BOING!" sound when the "A" appears.

Availability:Rare. It was only used in Australian, European and Japanese tapes released at the time, such as those of B.O.O.M.

Editor's Note:None.

2nd Logo (1984-1994)

Logo:On a white background, we see Aaron running until he's at the center of the screen. After he stops, he holds up a sign that says "ARGOSY PICTURES HOME VIDEO INTERNATIONAL" on the label, in gold and with the signature "A" above. After a while, Aaron presses a button on the sign, causing the camera to zoom in on the dot of the "A" until it covers the screen, and the word "Presents" appears on it in red. Some seconds later, it fades out.


  • Depending of the region,the word "Presents" may appear in a different language:
    • Chinese: "介紹".
    • Danish:"Præsenterer".
    • Dutch: "Presenteert".
    • Finnish: "Esittää".
    • French:"Présente".
    • German:"Präsentiert".
    • Greek:"Παρουσιάζει".
    • Italian:"Presenta".
    • Japanese:"プレゼンテーション".
    • Korean:"선사하다".
    • Norwegian:"Presenterer".
    • Portuguese:"Apresenta".
    • Russian:"Представляет".
    • Spanish:"PRESENTA".
    • Swedish:"Presenterar".
  • This logo was sped up on some VHS tapes, due to a video-editing error.
  • There is a 10th anniversary version of this logo which was used in 1991 tapes, where a banner saying "Celebrating 10 Years of Worldwide Distribution" appears below Aaron. Like the normal logo, it had some foreign versions:
    • Chinese:"庆祝全球发行十年".
    • Danish:"Fejrer 10 Års Verdensomspændende Distribution".
    • Dutch:"Viert 10 Jaar Wereldwijde Distributie".
    • Finnish:"Juhli 10 Vuotta Maailmanlaajuista Jakelua".
    • French:"Célébration de 10 Ans de Distribution Mondiale".
    • German:"Wir feiern 10 Jahre Weltweite Verbreitung".
    • Greek:"Γιορτάζουμε 10 Χρόνια Παγκόσμιας Διανομής".
    • Italian:"Festeggiamo i 10 Anni di Distribuzione Mondiale".
    • Japanese:"10年間の世界的な流通を祝う".
    • Korean:"전세계 유통 10 주년 기념".
    • Norwegian:"Feirer 10 Års Verdensomspennende Distribusjon".
    • Portuguese:"Comemorando 10 Anos de Distribuição Mundial".
    • Russian:"Празднование 10-Летия Всемирного Распространения".
    • Spanish:"Celebrando 10 Años de Distribución Mundial".
    • Swedish:"Firar 10 Års Världsomspännande Distribution".

FX/SFX:Aaron's actions, the zooming.

Music/Sounds:The cute little ditty from the TV logo of the time.

Availability:Uncommon.Was mainly seen on tapes released outside the United States and Canada (where this was used very sparsely), usually from Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong,Latin Americaand the Soviet Union. This was also used in the Laserdiscs released by the company, especially in Asia.

Editor's Note:None.

3rd Logo (1990-1997)


Logo:On a starry background, we see a stylized version of the Space Needle fly up from the bottom and explode into a dozen pieces. The "blast" morphs into the words "ARGOSY PICTURES". Then the words "HOME VIDEO" in the same font fade in below, as the "A" appears without a dot, which is filled in by a comet.

FX/SFX:The Space Needle flying up and exploding, the words morphing, the "A" appearing, the comet dotting it.

Music/Sounds:The jazzy synthesized theme from its domestic variant, an explosion sound effect when the space needle explodes and a whoosh when the comet dots the "A".

Availability:Uncommon. It first appeared on the international release ofMirage in LaGuardia, and can be seen on various tapes. It was last seen on the Indian and Southeast Asian VHS's ofBoom President.

Editor's Note:None.