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Background: Art's Animations Home Entertainment was a russian, chilean and bielarussian home entertainment company, that produces some Countryball videos. If you wanna see his own channel, go to:

Chile/Russia division


Logo: We see a footage of some clouds rotating (possibly its a skybox in BluffTitler). An outlined green oval then comes in zooming out from above. The letters A, H and V then zoom out one-by-one placing inside the oval, followed by the words "ART'S", "ANIMATIONS" and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT", which are stacked on each other, placing below the oval logo. The background then changes into a radial white gradient background (seems more like a fabric).

FX/SFX: The oval spinning, the texts and the fading out of the sky. Not perfect animation, but it holds a bit well for a home video logo from the time at Chile and Russia. Currently this can be done in BluffTitler easily. And the use for MIDI in the fanfare is also a symbol of cheapness.

Music/Sounds: A MIDI majestic fanfare that is somehow inspired by Also Sprach Zarathustra, which is the Empresa Transandina de Videos S.A.

Availability: Rare, seen on Countryball movies, relative and some caddetted and recorded tape videos, 30 examples are: The Meeting, History of Romania, History of France, Love of the Grandecito (Amorciño del Grandeciño in Spanish), Moni Moni Mania, Sheriff Suriname, Stuck, Halloween Special, UNO!, Littles Giants, Christmas Special, The Autonomous Region of Åland, Culturally Sensitive, Korean War 1950-1953, acompanying with the United Nations Ball logo, Reich, The Greatest Enemy, G.O.O.D, Cooking Oriental, Chile, Champion of Centernary, The Sing of Peru, I'm Sorry, Meet the Stans, America's Obsession, BÖRK, Iconic Architectures, Secret Websites, Alternate Future of Africa in Countryballs, The Dreams, The Diet of USA and The Abandoned Fair, all of these can be found on some Soyuz Video tapes. Sometimes, the logo is acompanying with the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo.

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Belarus division