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Background: Canadian media corporation based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Nickname: TBA

Logo: On a black background, we see the Astral logo in blue. Below it are the words


"Programming Enterprises".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the end of a show.

Availability: Found at the end of Th'e Mag'ical Adventures of Quasi'modo.

Scare Factor: None

Nickname: Astral Sunset

Logo: On a sky background, the word "Astral" in blue with a small golden star attached to it, now in Peignot font, just like in the MTM and 1971 Viacom logos, zooms out, stops at the center of the screen, and a sun peeks behind the clouds. (The whole description in only one sentence! ;-))

FX/SFX: Just "Astral" zooming out.

Music/Sounds: The animated version doesn't have music, but the still version and shooting star version use a synth choir sounder. On some tapes, you'll hear an announcer at the end of the logo: The following feature will start in just a few minutes. Stay tuned.

Availability: On '90s Astral releases on VHS, such as Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Demon Possessed, Alien Intruder, Maximum Force, Warriors, The Final Heist, Night Siege: Project Shadowchaser II, and Gumby: The Movie, among others. The shooting star variant is found on Hollow Point and can be seen briefly at the end of the 1993 animated TV movie, David Cooperfield with the music's credits playing over it. Since this is a Canadian company, be sure to check sites such as for tapes from this company.


  • There is a still version of this logo, in which the Astral logo is closer to the screen. French-language VHS tapes would have this logo starting 1992 when the parent company, Bellevue Home Entertainment, was changed into Astral Home Entertainment.
  • Most VHS have a blue background with the words This videocassette is sold exclusively in Canada by: before this logo.
  • On some tapes, the still variant plays, but a star keeps shooting across the screen, and even comes to shoot through the small star (making it glow for a second) in the logo.
  • On French Canadian VHS releases like Look Who's Talking Now and Happily Ever After, the words, "cette videocassette, est distributee exclusivement au Canada par CINE-MAISON ASTRAL membre de:" translate into "This videocassette is disturbed exclusively to Canada par CINE-MAISON ASTRAL member of".

Scare Factor: None to low. This logo is a little relaxing, but the word zooming out through the camera may get to some people. Low for the still variant, due to the presence of music, otherwise, it is relaxing too. The scare factor is a little raised for the shooting star variant.