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(April 3, 1977-June 14, 1978)

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  • Jaing Jayakar Variant: "Now Cologne Is Not Silent" "The Still Shivakan Star"
  • Haanou Variant: "The Bhasa Shivakan Star Of/From Doom/Hell" "Why Is Cologne Silent" "Before The Logo Shows" "The Dramatic Shivakan Star" "The Even Scarier Shivakan Star Media Counterpart" "Why I've Never Watched Haanou" "The Scary Logo At The Begining Of Haanou"

Logo: After the film waring screen which has cologne in OSO 5 (Jaing Jayakar) and in OSO 6 (Haanou), we see a lavender star zooming at us. Then it stops, and the text "Azaya Films" wipes in. Then an "A" fades in at the top of the company name, and the words "Presents" wipes in.

Variant: On Jaing Jayakar, the logo is still.

Technique: The star zooming in, the texts wiping and fading. None for the Jaing Jayakar variant

Cheesy Factor: The star zooming in look's very choppy for some reason, and the texts animation looks tacky.

Music/Sounds: some hits from a drum in a high volume and gets faster when the star gets closer at the start, and then a loud bombastic dramatic fanfare when the text appears.

Music/Sonds Variant: On Jaing Jayakar, the logo is silent.

Availability: Seen on Jaing Jayakar and Haanou.

Scare Factor:

  • Jaing Jayakar Variant: None, this logo is just still to just be scary, but it will dramatically change in the next one.
  • Haanou Variant: Medium to nightmare, the fact that in OSO 6, cologne is silent, makes this logo very scary for some viewers. But the jarring cut to this logo, the loud music, and the scary animation makes it worse because the last thing cologne said was "Forget the challenge what id he doing back here", and the darkness is also a problem as well. None for those who used it, it's a favorite to many.