Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

== 1st Logo (1993-2013) == Nicknames:bad kitty Logo:on a green background we see a cat is blAck and red eyes the words bad kitty productions.

Music:the end of the show.

Availability:Seen on music.

Scare factor:none

== 2nd logo (2013-2014) == Nicknames:want a horse to ride horse back ride


Logo:on a space background we see a horse flying in the space bad kitty and dog and his bull dog girl from bad kitty school daze book video and then giant pity the flying wolf from It makes black hole names had date spins over word Bad kitty Productions then zoom out of the black hole.

Music:walking sound bull dog girl says I want just about you bad kitty says I love you dog barks makes horse sounds then wolf growls and screams to make stun sounds the. Whooshes in.

Availability:Seen on Bad Kitty the Movie on DVD.

Scarce factor:low.