Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 - Adam's Closing Logos - Dream Logos Wiki

1st Logo (1997-2008)[]

Nicknames: The Chipmunk Logo, HB All-Stars Ripoff Logo, Chipmunks in Space

Logo: On a space background, We see the starfield, then the sparks and begins to flash, Bagdasarian Interactive with Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks logo.

Music/Sounds: The futuristic-like music

FX: The star, the sparks, and flash

Availablity: Seen on Flying Soars on Playstation, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Racing on Playstation, Super Speed Chipmunks on Sega Dreamcast and other games

2nd Logo (2009-)[]

Nicknames: The Chipmunks Logo II, The Disney Interactive Studios Ripoff Logo

Logo: On a blackground, on the fade in, the metallic version of Bagdasarian Interactive logo with shine, then fades out

Music/Sounds: Shining sound FX

FX: The shine

Availablity: First seen on Mighty Soar Friend on Nintendo Wii and other games