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Background: Baihng Aumu Films is a production studio located in Phuntsoling, Bhutan.


Nicknames: "A Logo With the Mary Sue of All Thai Animations", "TBA"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Ayupan being worried with their tears and blinking for 30 seconds, with the text appearing at the end, and the text fading.

Cheesy Factor: This logo really bends, and it's a rip-off, such as those logos from South Asia. Also, the logo doesn't have to be very long!!

Music/Sounds: A series of "Morse" code is heard as the text wipes in. A 1-note tune made by a xylophone is heard.

Availability: Currently Seen on their films, examples are Gwao Bing Khye, Sao Kwan, Sao Mehyn, Kyahan Geu, Tshan Giam Souka, Kap Souhyiana, Gheay Souayana, Bahuyan and Sao Hy.

Scare Factor: Low to high, due to the sudden fanfare.