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Background: This is a film company that was formed in 1984, to make the infamous comedy-drama-horror-action film, Enter the Inner Workings of a Bowtie, about people dying at an amusement park, which was distributed by DeFabbio Pictures.

(July 26, 1985)

Warning Warning: Do not look up a video for the variant if you have epilepsy.

Nicknames: "The Madman" "What was that?!?!"

Logo: On a colorful psychedelic background, a man dressed in black fades in on a huge platform. As he turns to the camera, his eyes (which are animated in CGI, the rest is live-action) bulge out of his sockets. His eyes eventually go back into his sockets, and the camera pans into his face, it fades to black, leaving a line drawing of the man's face on the left. The letters "BTP" appear in the lower right corner.

Variant: On the trailer, the full logo is played, but the background is even more psychedelic up to the point that the fact that it’s flashing colors.

FX/SFX: Everything you see above.

Music/Sounds: A "soft" theme that ends in a bunch of people yelling "BATTERYTECHNICA!". On the trailer, it's a heartbeat sound that plays throughout the whole trailer.

Availability: Only found on Enter the Inner Workings of a Bowtie and it's trailer.

Editor’s Note: This logo has got to be one of the most insane logos of all time, with it’s freak imagery and psychedelic background. The variant just makes this logo even worse with background being more flashy where it could cause someone a seizure and the heartbeat playing though out! This logo is just as insane as the film the logo appeared. Thankfully, the movie was a box office bomb and the company got bankrupt due to the company's name sounding too similar to the company name of a Russian electronics company. Also, the logo is 1 minute-12 seconds long, making it one of the longest logos ever on this wiki.