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Nicknames:Barry's Yellow

Logo:we see Barry b. Benson we zoom out into a screen then Has Shown Blue.

Sfx:zooming out.

Music:a screen gems 1960s music.

chessy Factor: barry doesn't exist until 2007.

Actually:as seen from ginger from planet weird.


Nicknames:2 sweet videos

Logo:we see a aardman and Dreamworks clips

1.Adam Flyman Meets Barry Bee

2.A Grand Day Out Reading Books

3.Ginger Close Up

4.Gromit Lad

5.Rocky The Flying Rooster

And It Is Bee Movie Productions Inc. is shown blue or pink.

Music:A Screen Gems (1971) music.

Variant:a was NSTC.

chessy Factor: again they didn't exist until released.


Nicknames:River Crossing,Sassy,Columbia Television Ripped off

Logo:between a cross a Rock jumping Than It words Has Shown Red.

Music:a Columbia 1980 music.

Actually:as seen from hen house tv show


Nicknames:Ginger and Rocky

Logo:At Hen House We See Ginger and Rocky at none other words Bee Movie TV Has Shown Yellow.

Music:Columbia Television 1990 music.

Actually:as seen from tv shows


Nicknames:area of table cat

Logo:on black background we a table with cat hiding place it words Is Shown Green and Blue.

Music:A Screen Gems Heaven Music.

actually:as seen from fromthebaytotheuniverse movie.


Nicknames:Barry the Bee

Logo:We See Barry The Bee And He Vanessa Bloome it words "bee movie company has shown green.

Music:a screen gems heaven music.

Television: (2010-2014)

Nickname:toilet seat,ginger reading newspapers:peeing on toilet

Logo:we see ginger reading newspaper see was peeing on toilet and that is words is "people power television" has been showed black.

Sounds:reading and peeing on toilet

Actually:as seen from bee shrek test in the house.


Nicknames:Farting ginger

Logo:we see ginger standing on floor she farts in Wall and as seen to be considered words "people power television" has shown grey.

Sounds:farting and sighing.

Actually:as seen from a distance from leaving home.