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Background: What if Best Brains really continued in 2013 as an animation studio and production company by Duncan Rouleau? This is the real result! Real logos can be seen on

3rd logo (2013-)[]

Nicknames: "The Stinger II", "The Friend Stinger", "The Reason I Watched MST3K", "The Animation Stinger"

Logo: A Short clip from that animated (or live action) video is shown.

File:Best Brains Stinger -1.jpg

The words "A Best Brains Production" (in a Korinna BT font) is written on the bottom. Sometimes, a URL is written under neath "A Best Brains Production".

Variant: On the It's A Spongebob Christmas stinger, the name "A BEST BRAINS PRODUCTION" is on the top corner, in a Rosewood STD Regular font. The name disappears after a few seconds.

FX/SFX: Whatever "FX" the clip has.

Music/Sounds: Whatever sounds the clip has.

Availability: Common. Fan-made only. It can be seen on the television revival of "Mystery Science Theater 3000". It can also be seen on new animated series, and new animated "incubator" series.

Scare Factor: None. These cartoon (or live action) stingers are really cute.