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NOTE: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein Productions is a real company! Real logos can be seen at CLG Wiki.

Background: What if Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein Productions revived in 2013 as a children's animation studio and a live action production company? This is the answer.

2nd logo (2013-)[]

Nicknames: "A Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Production II", "Lenny & Fred", "What the Firetruck?"

Logo: As seen on a 2013 GoAnimate animated series, Lenny & Fred, a personal set of Lenny & Fred cast is shown animated on the screen. The name "A BILL OAKLEY/JOSH WEINSTEIN PRODUCTION" (in an Accidental Presidency font) appears in black on the either screen. The company's name is kinda similar to the name "Stick Figure". Then it briefly cuts to the TjsWorld2011 Pictures logo as shown.

Trivia: This logo has lots of variations.

FX/SFX: Some GoAnimate animation.

Music/Sounds: Just the Lenny & Fred cast saying "A Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Production".

Availability: Only seen on the 2013-present television series, Lenny & Fred.

Scare Factor: None. These variations are cute.