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Background: Blacklist Productions is a production company founded by a wikia contributor in 1988 as "Dark Rubbermaid Productions".

Dark Rubbermaid Productions


Logo: over a sky background we see the Rubbermaid logo in red then the sky background turns into a raining thunderstorm background and the Rubbermaid logo turns black and "DARK" and "PRODUCTIONS" fly to the Rubbermaid logo

FX/SFX: everything

Music/Sounds: The warner bros television theme then thunder and raining sounds

Availability: extinct

Scare Factor: high

Blacklist Productions

1st logo


Logo: over a orange background we see the black text "BlackList" on a Jivetalk font and "productions" in the impact font zooming in and the byline "A WIKIA COMPANY" is below

Variant: on an episode of aosth the background is blue

everything coming soon

2nd logo


3rd logo