Background: Blue Eyes Company is a Singapore Company That Since in July 4 2014 Only Blue Bird from Angry Birds Idents Close of The Logo and Now it's Dissolved in December 30 2016 due to Rovio Suing the company.

(July 4 2014-December 30 2016)

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(FAKE) Blue Eyes Company Logo (2014-2016)

(FAKE) Blue Eyes Company Logo (2014-2016)


  • Orignal Variant: "Jay,Jake and Jim Productions's Lost Brother" "Changing Colors" "From Purple to Blue" "Colored Singapore" "Indonesia's Worst logo rip off ever made" "Another Blatant Angry Birds logo, Again.." "Where's the Blue Eyes"
  • December 31st 2016 Variant: "It's Blue Eyes!!!" "Blue Bird got an Blue Eyes"

Logo: on a Lightest Green Background We See the Blue Bird That Is From Angry Birds Toons and Sometimes Purple Text Fades in and Reads "Blue Eyes Company" in Font and Turns Blue.

FX/SFX: Changing Colors.

Variant: On December 31 2016 The Blue Bird has a Blue Eyes at the Last Film.

Music/Sound: Same as Royal Bird Film Production (France) and Covererge Video.

Availiability: Seen on Singaporean and Indonesian Films "Kembali Ke Waktu Itu" and "Serangan Hiu"

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