Background: Bonnie Jr Productions is a Hong Kong-English Language Production Company That is Started in 1987 It is Founded By Bonnie Jr Sanders Because it Produce Live Action Since 1987 But It Stopped Making Live Action Films in 1990 Where Producing The Animation and CGI Films That Included But It close down in 2001 But It Is Revived by Itself in 2002.

1st Logo

(1987-1990, 1996)

Nickname: "The Earth" "Planet Globe of Doom" "BJ" "Sans Home Video's Hong Kong Sister"

Logo: On a Space Background We See the Globe Spinning Around (A La Sans Home Video) Appearently The "BJ" Zooming In Appears only and Stops Zooming in That Words "Bonnie Jr Productions" and Chinese Character in Times New Roman Bold Font Wipes in.

FX/SFX: Actual CGI.

Music/Sound: The Egypt Studio 13 Logo Fanfare.

Availability: Extinct. seen on Live Action Films Such as "Tiǎozhàn","Zǒule chūlái" (Remake of the Classic Hong Kong Movie),"Dà shēng chéngshì" and "Jiékè qíshì" Then seen on the Trailer of Hong Kong English Language Film "Yuēhàn·hēnglì".

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2nd Logo


(假) 邦尼小姐 製作 (1990-2001)

(假) 邦尼小姐 製作 (1990-2001)

Nickname: "BJ II" "Bojon Films Company's Sister" "Touchstone Pictures Thief" "Space BJ"

Logo: Same as Bojon Films Company Ltd. But the Whole Video Freezes The Text Says "Bonnie Jr Productions" in Times New Roman Font and Chinese Characters In orange fade in which few seconds until Logo fades out to The Dalton Company (Hong Kong).

FX/SFX: Same as Bojon Films Company Ltd and Text Fading in.

Music/Sound: Same as Touchstone Pictures but it is High Pitched Due to Using its Secam PAL Format.

Availability: Seen on Hong Kong-English Language Films That 2D Animation and CGI Animated Films Such as "Fāngzhōu","Huángdì de xīn yīfú" (emperor's new clothes in Chinese (possibly english) not to be confused to Season 2 Episode 4 Same Name). One Example is "Yuēhàn·hēnglì (Not to be Confused to Season 1 Episode 10's Same Name).

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3rd Logo


Nickname: "BJ III" "The Sunny Sky"

Logo: on Sunset We See the Water and Sun Appeared Actually The BJ Fades in and Company's Name Fades in.

FX/SFX: All Live Action and Text Fading.

Music/Sound: The Playful Flute Tune.

Availability: Current. Seen on Animation and Live Action Films Apparently Such As "Nǐ rén zhēn hǎo".

Editor’s Note: None.

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