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Nicknames: "Bottle Top Bill", "Bill's Red Eyes", "Freaky Bill", "Red Glowing Eyes"

Logo: We see Bottle Top Bill (from The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky) in a green background, but his eyes turn glowing red, he opens his mouth and the camera zooms in. During the logo is the red, grungy text in the centre:





in association with

FX/SFX: Bill's eyes turning red, opening his mouth, the camera zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A loud, sawtooth tone that increases the pitch.

Availability: Seen on Bill and Corky and the short-lived Ironic Comedy (followed by the 20th Century Fox Television logo).

Editor's Note: Bill's eyesore-inducing red eyes and the ear-piercing noises will scare many and give them nightmares. However, some may find it funny due to Bill's distorting face.