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Bouhuys Scenarioschrijfsters is the vanity card from Zuid-Holland producer Marieke van Middelkoop, which it's life has become famous for animating the show "Pim & Pom". It's named after Mies Bouhuys, creator of said series.


Logo: Set on a paper background, we see a cat meowing very tired and keeps it's voice (Ahem, meowing longly). Suddenly, the text "Bouhuys" on the top in Bouhuys' script, appear zooming out and then crashing into the paper background, with the text "Scenarioschrijfsters" at the bottom on Marieke's script appearing while fading in over the text "Bouhuys". A special script is drawn in-out the text "Bouhuys". Due to this, The cat then closes it's mouth and then we fade into the NPO logo.

  • A still version also exists.
  • An alternate version exists too.

FX/SFX: Everything, with the most tiniest detail on the logo....

Cheesy Factor: But mostly like the special script, the text "Bouhuys" beside the cat would have been scripted too. The cat doesn't have to meow for a long time, though.

Music/Sounds: A cat's long meow, made by Fievenont Kaljeep and a zooming-in/crashing sound. A script then gets drawn and for the fade a somewhat quiet whoosh sound. Sometimes it's silent or the ending theme of the show is heard.

Availability: Seen on all episodes of Pim and Pom, although this was only seen once AND ONLY ONCE on the dutch dub of Charlie and Lola, which was a production of NOS. This was a test error.

Scare Factor: Minimal to medium for the animated variant, the sudden Bouhuys coming out of nowhere can startle a few especially for those who aren't used to it. The cat can join too, but very oddly whatsoever. None for the still variant, as it skips the animation altogether.