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Background: moony luna studios is a pakistani movie studio was founded in april 25th 1980, didnt until in 1988, the movie studio was headquarted in islambade,pakistan

1st Logo

may 20th 1988 - january 27th 1995


Logo: we see a picture of moony luna was see the bridge under the sunset, the name of the company doenst appear

Variant: On the hated child, the name of the company appears

FX/SFX: The illumination of Defoko.

Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: the quiet pakistani violin music with indian violin

Music/Sounds Variants: TBA

Availability: Seen on their films preserved on the time. Last seen on malachi´s cooking show.

Scare Factor: the moony luna looks cute creepily and scarly.

2nd Logo



Logo: on the white background, we see moony luna on the closeup with thinking hands, the name of the company doenst appear

Variants: in chae cook in wonderland, chae cook appears and waving on moony luna´s head, moony luna looks happily at chae cook

FX/SFX: except the zooming on the logo

Cheesy Factor: none

Music/Sounds: the african xlophone music while twilight sparkle is speaking loud in english

Availability: as seen on the films, only a last film called george pig´s songster musical

Scare Factor: Low.