Background: Buggerblick Studios is an independent animation company founded by Tom Buggerbick in 1999. The company has animated shows such as Reggie Rocket News and Ugly Mobiuses.

1st Logo (2005- )

Nicknames: "The Flying CD", "The CD from Fake Heaven" "TOGP Warning"

Logo: Up against a black background, a black circle with the words "BUGGERBLICK STUDIOS" along with a CD with wings on it that has a label reading "ORIGINAL FLAVORING" zooms up, and then the circle rotates.

FX/SFX: Read the description.

Music/Sounds: When it zooms up, a fart noise. On Ugly Mobiuses, the end theme plays.

Availability: Common; Currently seen on the first season of Reggie Rocket News on [pronz swim]. The version with the end theme can be found on Ugly Mobiuses on Adult Central. Was also seen on Wonder Showcase on Comcast Cable 2.

Scare Factor: Low to high; the zooming and loud note will remind some of the I of Doom. For the variant with the end theme, low. However it may be elevated to high when it is shown on Wonder Showcase due to the TOGP logo immediately following.

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