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Burger King Animation Is The Animation Subindustry Of The Burger King Company.

File:Burger king animation logo.jpg

The Logo As Seen Here.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Burger King Runner"
  • "Animatiopa"
  • "Mr. Burger King"
  • "I Cannot Believe A Burger King Logo Like This!"
  • "BurgerKing Van Donwick"
  • Aardman Animation rip-off

On A Sunny Blue Background, We Slowly Zoom Towards The Burger King Logo. It Has Blue Arms, Legs And A Head. Surrounding The Logo Are Planes, Clouds, Houses, Hands, Burgers, Cars, Trees, Trains, Wagons, People, Buildings And A River With Boats Rotating Around. The Logo Is Shown Running On A Dark Turquiose Gear-Like Object Rotating Clockwise Along With The Letters Of "Animation" Rotating On It In A Spiral Going Anti-Clockwise. Suddenly, A Robotic Hand (Which Appears To Be The Burger King Mascot "Burger King") Grabs The Logo For About 2 Seconds. Soon, The Hand Presses Its Head Like A Stopwatch, Freezing The Scenery. As This Is Happening, The Clouds Arrange Themselves In A Line And "Animation" Is Formed Below.


Like The Burger King Company Logo, An Long Version Seen On Movies. This Time, The Animation Is Longer.


All The Animation Used. This Has Possibly Been Made In A Scetchbook-Like Style.


A Static Techno Tune With Ticking That Stops When The Logo Does. The Long Version Had Music Extended.

Music/Sounds Variant



Current. Seen On Donald's Adventures (Co-Production With Walt Disney Television Animation And DHX Media) On Disney Channel, The New Adventures Of Rex The Runt (Co-Production With Aardman Animations And The Burger King Company) On NickToons, Mortal Kombat: The Animated Series (Co-Production With NetherRealm Studios And Cartoon Network Studios) On Cartoon Network, Tigers (Co-Production With Blue Crack Inc. And FremantleMedia) On The Hub, Friutoons (Co-Production With AipomWorks Studios, TeleToon And Nelvana) On PBS Kids Sprout And Space Pigs On Boomerang. Also Seen On Movies Like Bugs (Co-Production With DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios) On CBS. Another Show To Show This Logo Is Chance And Briana:The Animated Series (Co-Production With Random Televison And DHX Media).

Scare Factor