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Burger King Movies Is Another Subindustry Of The Burger King Company.

1st Logo (2011-)


  • "The Burger King Shield"
  • "Burger King Movies Wigga-Wigga"
  • "Blue Sky Studios Rip-Off"
  • "The Filmstrip"
  • "The Whoosh Logo"

On A Plain Black Background With B&W Burger King Logo And "Motion Pictures" In Gray, The Filmstrip Had The White Box With An 3D Burger King Logo In Wigga-Wigga Form. The Camera Zooms In, The Background Turns Plain White And Current Burger King Logo In 3D Emerges From The Background And Turns In A Wigga-Wigga Effect. While It Is, "Motion Pictures" Fades In Below In Gray. After That, The Whole Logo Fades Away.


The Filmstrip, The "Wigga-Wigga" Effect.


None, Just Sound Effect Of An Filmreel, Followed By An "Whoosh". Sometimes, The Film's Opening Theme With Sound Effects Plays Over It.


Seen On Films From This Time, Excluding Other Movies.

Scare Factor

None, But Medium If You Were Afraid Of The Whoosh.