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Background: Burning House Studios is a film Division of ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc that mostly focuses on Indie Films and TV Shows, It was founded in 2000. Their mascot for the company was "Frances" in which she was adapted from the animated PIF from the 1980s, until 2003, she was given a human look.

1st logo (2000-Present)

Nicknames:"Searching" "The Burned Rooms" "From the Dark Depths of the Basement" "Gee.. It's Kind Of Dark" "Hey! Who Turned out the Lights?!" "Blumhouse's Older Brother from Canada" "The Echoes of Death" "Burned House from Hell(Later Variant)" "Nightmare at Burning House Street" "Hendring's Cousin from Canada" "A Collision between the "Searching" PIF from 1974, the FACT piracy ad from the 2000s, and Burning House Studios" "Somebody put too much TNT in a house that made the house go KA-BOOM!"

Logo: A camera POV sees a door opening and goes inside an now burnt out shell of a house and likely the fire to be put out (you can see water dripping from the first floor), the echoes of a deep moan are heard in the background, as the camera then pans and zooms through the kitchen and into the lounge. The camera then turns around towards the hallway, and it fades to the camera going upstairs and it fades to a bedroom and as the camera reaches the wardrobe, the footage then blows up from the bottom center to reveal the orange text "BURNING HOUSE" in a futuristic font with "S T U D I O S" in Times New Roman underneath.

Trivia:The logo's footage was taken from a "Searching" PIF from 1974(hence the nickname)


  • Starting in 2010, the logo is now enchanted, with improved graphics, smoother frames, cleaner scenes, and given a high definition look. The Logo itself is now updated with the 2nd logo, the byline "A ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc Company" is added below after the logo is finished
  • For the short version, the logo just starts with the explosion forming the logo

FX/SFX: Live action, the fire effects, and the text.

Music/Sounds:We hear heavy breathing and chilling echoes of a deep moan as we search around the now charred house, a dissonant whirr is heard throughout, then as the footage explodes, we hear a sound of a Loud Explosion with a deepish, creepy-ish note at the end. The short version just has the loud explosion and the creepy-ish note

Music/Sounds Variants: Later In the logo's life, it used a droning ambient track, with a choir. At the end, there are also the sounds of a timpani.

Music/Sounds Trivia: This music in the variant was recycled from the GreenPeace Meltdown PIF from 1987.


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2nd Logo (2016 2017-Present(As a closing logo)


  • Main Variant: "Boredom House" "Where's The Burning House" "Shameless House" "Annoying House" "Boring House" "Lack of Animation" "Text of Boredom"
  • Animated Variant: “Seizure House Studios” “Flashing House Studios” “Now that’s more Like it!” “MY EYES!”

Logo: On a Red Gradient background, we only see the Text "Burning House Studios" with "Burning" in Padwick font, with "HOUSE" with the E shrinked a bit in a bold Arial font, under the text with "S T U D I O S" in "Franklin Gothic Demi".


  • Later in 2017, the logo became a closing variant to be shown at the end of their films, the background is now black, and the text “Distributed by Burning House Studios” is added at the top or bottom. The byline “A ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc Company” with "ConnorWorks" in its 2017-Present logo font is added below in its usual colors. A similar version is shown on their Shows, but without “Distributed by Burning House Studios”.
  • Occasionally enough, The byline for the closing versions would be replaced with just the ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc logo(With Saoirse and Ruby and all).
  • An Animated variant exists, where we start with a flashing multicolored vortex with the BHS logo being formed as the vortex absorbs itself into the black background as it starts to glow until it dies down, then the byline fades in as usual
  • The North American and Canadian adaptions of the “Skærmtrolden Hugo” game show had a special variant where Hugo the TV Troll is seen holding on to the B of the word “Burning”.

FX/SFX: None for the regular. The colors flashing in for the animated variant

Music/Sounds: Silent or the Ending theme of the Movie or Show or the opening theme of the trailer. The animated variant has a rising THX-Esque hum with a loud clash when the logo is formed.

Availability: Only Seen on Trailers and TV Spots for the CGI Comedy film "Obessable", The film itself has the Previous logo instead. Later on, it became a closing variant for the next logo to be shown at the end of their films and shows(Such as the well known Sketch-Comedy series “The Burning House Show”).

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3rd logo (2016-Present)

Nicknames: "The Burning House Returns" "Searching II" "CGI Burning House" "The Burned Rooms V2" "Modern Burning House" "The less scarier Burned House" "Searching 2.0" “Searching Redux”



  • 2016-2017, "A ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc Company" with "ConnorWorks" in its 1951-2017 logo font.
  • 2017-Present, the ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc byline with "ConnorWorks" in its 2017-Present logo font


  • On some cases, the logo is bylineless.

Trivia: The logo was done by Rainmaker Entertainment and David Sieg to promote their 16th Anniversary.

FX/SFX: Impressive CGI combined with Scanimate.

Music/Sounds:A Remake of the 1st logo's theme, with extra ambience.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, The opening theme of the movie plays over with the SFX intact
  • Rarely enough, the 1st logo’s theme can be used, which is perfect synced to the logo’s timing.

Availability: Brand New. Debuted at the beginning of the CGI film "The Knock-Off Movie"

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