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Nicknames: "The Moonscoop Cresent", "CAP Moon & Star", "Bronze Taft Swirling Star" Logo: On a starry background, we see a comet flying, then the comet turns at the left and forms a Moon & Star (the same one as Moonscoop's "Moon" logo). Then the words



appear on the right in a futuristic font.

Variant: On The Capture of Star Wars, the words "CAP STUDIOS" appear in gold in a 2D version of the font.


FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The glowing moon and the star, the lights, the words, and the logo glowing. Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare with a soft howl at the start.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was seen on The Auqabats Super Show and The Capture of Stars.

Scare Factor: Medium. May surprise you the first time you see it. The lights may not sit well with some. The howl may also scare some.

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