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1st Logo (September 20, 1982-June 26, 1984)

Nickname: "CAT Cat Statue"

Logo: On a dark (or gray) background, we see a brown (or drawn) statue of a cat sitting on a pedestal. There is a text seen over the statue saying "AN CAT-TV PRODUCTION" (or "AN CAT-TV PRESENTATION"). The name of the Executive Producer is seen below.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Rare.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (1984-1991)

Nicknames: "Cat Wallpaper", "Red Cat Wallpaper", "Cathy the Cat", "Trumpetted Cat (For the 1984-1986 variant)"

Logo: We see Cathy, the (in)famous CAT cat, inside a black circle border, which reads "CAT PRODUCTIONS TELEVISION". The cat meows once. The background either has wallpapered images of a cat's face or a live action background.

Variants: These are the main are color variations of this logo:

  • 1984-1986: Live-action backing. On National Silk, the logo is placed on the background of the credits. Then the logo disappears in an iris out effect while the show's title (in quote marks) is appears in an iris in effect.
  • 1986-1991: Red wallpaper backing.
  • 1986-1991: Pink/Butter Yellow wallpaper backing.
  • December 18, 1989: Brown wallpaper backing. Appeared only on Yet Another Christmas Story.

FX/SFX: Cathy meowing.

Cheesy Factor: Cathy's head looks pasted onto another cat's body (even though it isn't); however, the early versions only feature the cat's face. The horns in the dramatic theme synchronized to the meow also don't sound right.


  • 1984-1986?: A three note drum sound followed by dramatic fanfare played by a trumpet, synced to the animation of the cat meowing: the audio of the meow is replaced by a loud vibration of a muted trumpet as part of the fanfare.
  • The ending music to the show plays throughout on some series; on others there is silence while Cathy is meowing.

Availability: Uncommon. Survives on the Peck/Lopez cartoon specials, such as Yet Another Christmas Story (plastered by the Cairo Pictures logo on UBC broadcasts), and was also seen on reruns of The Orange Gus Show on Argosy Retro during the 2000s. Most CAT TV series from this era are now owned by MTM Enterprises Television (via parent company Argosy Media's acquisition of TVS Entertainment Co.), so many current prints of these shows have the MTM Enterprises Kitten and the Cairo/MTM Distribution Group Star logos, following the CAT Television logo, while series not owned by Argosy may have it replaced with the CAT Domestic Television Distribution logos. However, it's preserved on Argosy Kids airings and the MTM Home Video release of the former special.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, depends on your opinion of the pause between fade-in and the cat's meow. Medium to nightmare for the dramatic theme. A lot of viewers can get easily startled if they're caught off guard.

3rd Logo (May 18, 1991)

Nicknames: "The Stylized Cat", "The Cold-Cream Jar", "CAT Coin"

Logo: A disc the size of a cold cream jar with the Stylized CAT cat's face on top and the words "CAT Television" on its side (more on that later) features in this logo. It began with this "jar" standing on its edge - the N in TELEVISION would be on the bottom - and we're looking at the Stylized Cat which is on the "lid". One meow is heard over the final strains of the special's closing theme, then this jar falls backwards and sideways simultaneously - quickly and fluidly - to reveal this legend on the side. Background drawing(s) or decoration was possible but unconfirmed. "CAT" is on its side as if rotated 90 degrees, and in a blocky font similiar to the trademark on the MGM record labels. "Television" was in a font that may be not unlike the Bobbi The Hippie font (also similar to the "mod" logo to the game show To Tell The Truth).

FX/SFX: The turning of the disc.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show, with a single meow.

Availability: Extinct. It was seen on Yet Another New Year's Special, but video releases don't retain it.

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo (1991-2003)

Nicknames: "Cathy the Cat II", "White Ribboning"

Logo: It's the standard CAT logo, which has its origins starting in 1991. A live-action cat named Cathy is in a circle of a ribbon-like filmstrip which flows out on the bottom sides in twos. Underneath the circle is a red drama mask. The circle has the phrase "FELIS CATUS" (scientific Latin name for the domestic cat) written on the top, and above it are the words "CAT Productions." On the left side is "TRADE," and the right "MARK", and on the bottom is the word "TELEVISION". Cathy meows once.

Variants: First here are the little differences in the logo, along with dates in which they were used:

  • 1991-1993: No "TELEVISION" word.
  • 1993-1999: The word "TELEVISION" appears during this era.
  • 1999-2003: Referred to as "CAT/VGA Entertainment Co. TELEVISION". Kool Kidz Klub used this one until 2003.

FX/SFX: Cathy meowing, as usual.

Music/Sounds: Just the cat's meow.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over Variants:

  • On the '90s reruns of Westward Ho, it used two cat meows. On the 2nd cat meow, there is a male announcer's voice-over that says, "From the CAT Studios in Seattle".

Availability: Uncommon. This version plastered over the previous logo on a reissue print of the Peck/Lopez/Seuss cartoon special Green Eggs and Ham, as featured on home video and Argosy Kids. When Argosy Celebs did a Famous marathon in 2011, all CAT logos were retained.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. It's one of the best-known logos, but higher on the scary side for people who don't like cats.

5th Logo (1999-2001)

Nicknames: "Cathy the Cat III", "Gold Ribboning"

Logo: It's basically a still picture of CAT/VGA's then-corporate logo. Below "Entertainment Co.", which is separated from the CAT/VGA text using two lines, is "Television Distribution": it's in the same font and uses the same style as the "Entertainment Co." text, and it's spaced below the aforementioned text.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A re-arranged version of the 1999 VGA Television theme, followed by the 1991 meow. Otherwise, it has the show's closing music or it's silent.

Availability: Extremely rare.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low for the theme, none for all other variants.