CaT Entertainment

Background: "CaT" was founded in 1987 by the creator of the Look TV program: Vladimir Gorbachev. Gorbachev wanted to use a strange symbol as the company's symbol, and his wife offered to try the mummified cat head with a mouse on it in the Museum of Ancient Aqesian Culture. When the museum forbade using it as a logo, Gorbachev modified it with CGI. Tragedy struck in March 1995 when, not long after becoming head of the MBS network, Gorbachev was mysteriously shot dead in his apartment. To this day, the murderers have never been found or identified. For a whole day, MBS and many other Aqesian channels went off the air and only displayed a photo of him with the text "Vladimir Gorbachev has been killed". In October 2017, in order to start shifting from television to digital media, CaT rebranded itself to CaT Digital and debuted a completely new logo.

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