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CCC Home Entertainment[]

Argosy Home Entertainment[]

TVS Home Entertainment[]

Chuck Norris Home Entertainment[]

Ceiling Cat Home Entertainment[]

Lulz Home Video International[]

Lulz Home Video International was an international home entertainment arm formed in 1985 by Mario Mario and Lulz Media. It distributed some of the Pedobear/Sixty-Nine Arts films and most of Lulz-produced/distributed material. In 1991, Lulz Media bought the Nordic, German, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese and Spanish operations of Electron Video International, and in 1995, Dead Entertainment's film financing division Dead America.

Finally, in 2011, Lulz Home Video International merged into MTM Home Entertainment.




Later on, they bought out the following:

  • Thunderbolt Video (a division of Thunderbolt Video that used to distribute extreme B and made-for-TV movies during the '80s) and Kideo Library (Electron's children's division),
  • Monarchy Home Video (a home video arm of Algebra Films),
  • Earthvision Filmes do Brasil Ltda,
  • The Video Time Machine/Queen Bee Video (Dead's labels for releasing nostalgic titles),
  • Sword in the Stone Video (in Belgium and the Netherlands),
  • Alliance Home Video,
  • MTM Latin America Video (Argentina, Chile and Brazil),
  • Bluebus Home Entertainment, Tsunami Home Entertainment (a division of Kittens Gate Films that distributed smaller Canadian B-movies and independent films), Kidgon and half of Trigon Home Video,
  • Homesick Entertainment/Bling Bling Entertainment
  • Shocker Video, VivaVision International and Famous Guys Home Entertainment
  • Tolemac Entertainment Sales, Inc. (a barter advertising sales division of Star World Productions, Inc.)

Kensington Home Entertainment[]

Kensington Home Entertainment was a packaged media division of Dash/KTB Entertainment, from 1979 to 2016, when it was merged into Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment.





Satellite Video[]


Megamedia Video[]


Grammett Home Video[]


XET Home Video[]


XET/Lulz Home Entertainment[]


Lulz Home Entertainment[]


MTM Home Entertainment[]


MTM Network Home Entertainment[]


MTM Network Home Entertainment was the home entertainment division of the MTM Network television network and a home video distributor of movies and TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, it was owned wholly by Lulz Media since 2004, formerly the video division was known under various brands until 2004. In June 2016, MTM Network Home Entertainment merged with Cairo Home Entertainment to form Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment.

LTV Video[]


LTV Home Video[]



LTV Home Entertainment[]




It merged to Cairo Home Entertainment.

LTV Family Features[]


LTV Family Entertainment[]



In 2016, it merged to Cairo Home Entertainment.

Cairo Media[]

Cairo Media (also known as Cairo Video) was a home media company that releases videos and DVDs of movies and TV shows. Cairo Media was formed by the Cairo Pictures Corporation in 1980.

In June 2016, Argosy Holdings acquired Cairo Media and it became Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment.

1st Logo (January 6, 1980 - 1991, August 11, 1998 - March 2, 1999)[]

Logo: On a dark blue background, the Cairo pyramid, then the words "Cairo Video" fades in after.

SFX: The pyramid and "video" fading in.

Music: It depends on the variation:

  • 1980 - 1986: A 6-note brass jingle mixed with twinkles.
  • 1986 - 1991: Four synthesized ascending pinball-like chimes.
  • 1980 - 1990, 1998 - 1999: None

Avalibility: Rare, can be seen on 1980 - 1989 VHS releases of Shaw Bros cartoons, and 1982 - 1991 releases of pre-1963 MTM films. Can also be seen on various work-out tapes prior to 1990. It was also seen on Large Bag tapes and horror films released by Dane during the late 1990s. The first release to contain this logo was the 1980 VHS release of the comedy film Florida Dreaming, the last release to contain this logo with the 1980 music was the 1986 VHS release of a Crazy Tunes compilation, Quacky Duck, the first release with the 1986 music was the 1986 VHS release of another Crazy Tunes compilation, Oinky Pig, the last release to contain this logo was the 1991 VHS reprint of Brian Peppers Workout. The first release to contain the silent version of this logo was the 1980 Betamax release of Florida Dreaming.

Scare Factor:

  • 1980 - 1985: Low to medium; the music may startle some.
  • 1986 - 1991: Medium, bordering on high; the music and the animation don't mix.
  • 1983, 1998 - 1999: None.

2nd Logo (May 18, 1989 - June 17, 2016)[]

Logo: On a blue-gradient background, the Cairo pyramid comes from the right of the screen, and lands in the center. Later, the letters that spell out "CAIRO VIDEO" or "CAIRO MEDIA" settle below, then the logo sparkles.

Logo Variation:

  • On releases from 1989 - 1993, the pyramid fades in, then "CAIRO VIDEO" splashes.
  • On Canadian Peppermint Park releases, before the logo starts, there is a disclaimer that says "Peppermint Park is a production of the International Educational Workshop. Peppermint Park Puppets are a registered trademark of The Televidics Company."
  • On Argosy Jr. DVD releases from 2000 - 2004, the word "for" rises from the bottom, and two tops with the Argosy Jr. logo spin next to the word "for". Then, a copyright stamp fades in.
  • From 2004 onwards, the word "MEDIA" replaces "VIDEO" although Cairo Media has been the official name since 2000.

Copyright Stamps:

  • 2000 - 2004: (c) (year) - (year) Argosy Media, (show name) and all related names, characters and logos, are trademarks of Argosy Media.

SFX: The letters fading in or landing.

Music: Depends on the variation.

  • 1989 - 1993: The same as the 1986 variation of the previous logo.
  • 1993 - 2008: A very nice piece of orchestrated music that starts out with a guitar tune, followed by a loud, majestic horn fanfare, and ending with another guitar tune.
  • 2000 - present: A tribal tune.

Cheesy Factor: The CGI is marvelous for 1989, and still holds up like new today!

Availability: Common, seen all releases since 1989, such as 1989 - 1996 releases of Shaw Bros. cartoons, Canadian Peppermint Park releases from 1994 until 2000, DVD releases of Tiny Bear, and many others. The 1989 version is very rare, as this didn't become the primary logo until 1991, and got remade in 1993, the first release to have this logo was the 1989 VHS of the British comedy Bluster, the last release to have the 1989 logo was the 1993 VHS of the Thriller/Romance film Blinded. The 1993 version is the most common, as it has been used for 22 years, the first release with the 1993 animation & music was the 1993 VHS release of a compilation of episodes of Jenny the Bee, Jenny the Bee's Greatest Adventures, the last release with the 1993 music was the 2008 DVD release of the drama TV-movie A Little Thing Called Death. The version with the 2000 music is starting to become common, as it has been used for 15 years, and beginning to out-live the 1993 theme. The first release to have the 2000 theme was the 2000 VHS release of the puppet comedy, Meet the Foobles (the DVD has the 1993 music). The Argosy Jr. variation is also easy to find, as the Dane DVD releases of Wide Awake at Mimsie's Castle, Christmas at Mimsie's Castle, Aaron's Window: Small is Beautiful, Aaron's Window: Sing Along With Aaron and Foxy, Nyan Nyan Island: Speedycat's Surprise, and Nyan Nyan Island: Dance Along with the NEDM Family, are all still in print.

Scare Factor:

  • 1989 - 1993: High, the animation looks very rushed, and the music may also startle some.
  • 1993 - 2008: None, the animation is much better than before, and the music is also very much improved.
  • 2000 - 2016: Low, the music may be unexpected.
  • Peppermint Park variation: Low to medium, the disclaimer may startle some who were expecting the logo to start, and the sudden transition to the 1983 IEW logo on most releases may startle some.
  • Argosy Jr. variation: None to minimal, it depends on if you were expecting the normal logo, and end up with this.

Cairo LaserDisc[]

From 1982 until 2000, Cairo had a LaserDisc division, called Dane LaserDisc, it released Cairo releases onto LaserDisc.

1st Logo (October 30, 1982 - May 30, 1992)[]

Logo: We see the 1980 VHS logo, as it slowly zooms out to reveal a black screen behind it. Until it's only 50% zoomed in, then the background turns red and it zooms back in rapidly, a thunderbolt appears as "CAIRO VIDEO" disintegrates. Then "CAIRO LASERDISC" stretches up. Then another thunderbolt appears and the logo ends.

SFX: The logo zooming out, the words "CAIRO VIDEO" disintegrating, and "CAIRO LASERDISC" stretching up.

Music: Silence for when the logo zooms out, then a tremendous "whoosh" sound that slowly increases in volume when the logo zooms back in, followed by a thunderclap, when "CAIRO LASERDISC" stretches up, a series of random, warbly synth-like sounds produced by a Moog synthesizer, then another thunder clap.

Availability: Rare, appears on LaserDisc releases from the era, first seen on the 1982 LaserDisc of Canadian Pop, last seen on the 1992 LaserDisc of Halloween at Mimsie's Castle, it can also be seen on the 2001 DVD of Christmas at Mimsie's Castle, probably by mistake, but the 2003 reprint fixes the issue.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, the thunderclaps and music can scare a lot of people.

2nd Logo (March 1, 1992 - December 29, 2000)[]

Logo: The same as the last logo, only with the 1989 logo, the zoom in is slower than before, and the LaserDisc "L" appears next to the LaserDisc logo, the thunder is completely omitted.

SFX: The zooming.

Music: It depends on the variation.

  • 1992 - 1993: Silence during the zoom out, but during the zoom in, we hear the same whoosh from the last logo, only slightly quieter, then we hear a sped-up quiet version of the 1986 - 1993 fanfare.
  • 1993 - 2000: The 1993 fanfare, minus the first guitar solo. And plus the whoosh from before. And some sparkling.

Availability: Uncommon, the 1992 version first appeared on the 1992 LaserDisc of a German film Das Kick, the last appearance was on the 1993 LaserDisc of British TV movie King Arthur. The 1993 version first appeared on a reprint of The Easter Bunny and Speedy Bird Movie. The last appearance was on the 2000 LaserDisc release of Meet the Foobles. It made a surprising reappearance on the 2001 DVD release of Nyan Nyan Island: Sing Along with the NEDM Family. The 2003 reprint fixes the issue.

Scare Factor: It depends on which variation.

  • 1992 - 1993: Low to high, as the music may still unsettle some, though not as bad as the last logo.
  • 1993 - 2000: Minimal to medium, the music may throw some off, though a major improvement.

Cairo DVD[]

Logo (December 26, 1997 - July 15, 2004)[]

Logo: On a dark blue-gradient background, we see the Cairo pyramid and the word "CAIRO" fly from the top of the screen, then the DVD logo flies in from the bottom. Finally, the logo crumbles to reveal a black screen.

SFX: The words and logo flying, and the crumbling.

Music: A tremendous "whoosh" sound that slowly increases in volume when the text flies in, and a sped up version of the 1986 - 1993 theme, then a series of loud "scratching" sounds as the logo crumbles.

Availability: Surprisingly common, as a number of releases with this logo are still in print, some earlier Ultra Rangers DVDs, and all of the Argosy Jr. DVDs released by Cairo between 1998 - 2001. It didn't appear on all DVDs though. The first appearance of this logo, was on the 1997 DVD of The Year Without An Easter Bunny, the last appearance was on the 2004 DVD of North Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the flying, the music, and the crumbling make this logo as scary as possible, especially to young children, who ironically were the primary audiences for the DVDs we just mentioned!

Print Logos[]

1980 - 1993[]

The original print logo was used until 1993. Two years after the original opening logo was discontinued.

April 14, 1989 - 2004[]

This logo debuted a month before its opening equivalent debuted.

Cairo Home Entertainment[]


Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment[]

Background: In February 2017, Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment struck a deal with the most of former members of A Mile Apart to distribute most of their future projects in home video, in collaboration with Pedobear Studios, with Pedobear distributing the Chuck Norris films and most of the films produced by Cairo Entertainment's international subsidiaries. In exchange, Pedobear gave Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment and Myriad Films International the foreign territories/home video and worldwide TV rights (excluding in USA, Europe, Japan and Australia & New Zealand) to distribute its films.

In March 2017, they acquired the rights and ownership to the two AquaGully films (from FDE Films' liquidators), the MTM UK films and the Daniel movies (with its home videos, international, television, adaptation, remake, sequel rights, et cetera) owned by Cornerside Media, Belleville Entertainment, First Sight Films, UBCMultinational, Pedobear (after Optimus merged into Pedobear UK), Kittensgate/Anchor Way, SBC Worldwide and TrimantleMedia (the owner of few films after Pyramid Leisure was merged into TrimantleMedia Home Entertainment). This makes Cairo Holdings one of the four companies that own the full MTM Films UK library, with Sandy Pictures, TVB and Channel 8.

Vulvan Inc, ATC Networks and Asdf Ghjkl (one of the owners of Ameronews) announced a deal with Cairo-MTM Home Entertainment, where the latter would distribute the formers' content on home video and private networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In June 2017, there were rumors of Cairo-MTM being re-branded into a "full on, 100% Cairo" entity.



Availability: Can be seen on recent home video releases of films from Cairo Pictures, Argosy Pictures, MTM Films, Visual Arts, and Cinema City Films (US) (the 5 main brands used by Cairo Pictures.) However, don't expect this on DVDs or Blu-rays of titles from Charles J. Looney and Associates, Mandalay Entertainment, or Acme Films with the logo on the cover, as these use the MTM Enterprises Home Entertainment logo. Most TV show releases use either the Argosy Home Entertainment or MTM Enterprises Home Entertainment logos. Film Factory Productions (the DTV film division of Cairo) also uses its own logo. On Russian or former Soviet Union releases, expect the Volgograd Studios Home Entertainment logo to plaster this. Most releases of "cult classic" films (such as Manos: The Hands of Fate), as well as rereleased direct-to-video cult classics (including the Peppermint Park DVDs) and DVDs of obscure TV shows (including Street Sharks), use the Camelot Entertainment Sales Video logo instead of this.