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Background: Caped Hand Communications Network is the vanity card for Togolese-born producer John Sa-Sugi, known for it's infamous cartoon "Perry and the Adventures of Parry"

1st Logo (1995-2002)

Caped Hand

Logo: TBA.


  • There was a version with no bylines.
  • A still version also exists, seen on their first years of life.

FX/SFX: The animation, which is all made traditional and very professional.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the show, but when Nickelodeon started split screening in 2000, A kazoo with the swinging of the hand and to finish it (when the text appears), three explosions and then a somewhat cacophony-ish triumphant fanfare of trumpets and claps. A whoosh is heard when the logo zooms in to us.

Availability: See Background, not to mention that this logo also has seen on One-High Touch, Clever Boy's Adventures, All Or Nothing Tortilla and Frankie Bing's Clown. The still version appears on Angry Castors and The Only Girl's Chicken Planet.