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Her logo from crazed dash

Mr.Kenny Productions

(1999-present) Nicknames:flag Kenny boy Logo:on a white marble background we see flag holds on with Bugs Bunny or Kenny and words mr.Kenny productions.


Variations:Chinese flag on it holds is Bugs Bunny or Kenny from logo

Music/sounds:crazed dash there's no music

Music/sounds Variant:end of season 4 of crazed dash episode 3 the logo holds it r.i.p red flag 1951-2014 ends of logo fades off

Availability:seen from crazed dash season 1 (2007)

Scare Factor:Close of logo on factor two

caption Kenny productions



Nicknames:the city in space,road uncut blue,water two Logo:against on a space background with road and water we see a city on road And zooms in and word caption Kenny productions the logo fades out.

Fx:zooms in

Music/sounds:same syme home video.

Availability:seen from flutter girl series season 2.