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1st Logo (2013-2016)


"The Lightning Bolt"

On a black background, a lightning bolt strikes the bottom of the screen and the text "CARDINAL" in a bold Times New Roman font slides from the bottom of the screen. The text "ENTERTAINMENT" in blue in the same font as the "CARDINAL" text slides from the left, and a line forms in between the text.

File:Cardinal Entertainment Logo (2013-).png

The finished logo.


The lightning bolt, the text sliding and the line forming.


The lightning bolt, then a whoosh when the text slide in and finally a wolf howling afterwards.


Common. It can be seen on Zo K'lita RDM, The Life of RDM and RDM's World.

Scare Factor

Low to medium. The lightning can startle some.

Final Note: In 2016, Cardinal was folded into Cute Kitten Television.