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1st (and only) Ident (2013-present)[]


"Many Colors"


On a white background, a purple stripe forms from the left to the right. Then, another purple stripe forms from the opposite direction, and a teal stripe forms from above to below and finally a dark green stripe forms from below to above. The text "cardinal" in black slides from the left, and "kids" in green slides from below, with the "d" of "kids" overlapping the "d" of "cardinal". The top-right and bottom-left corners turn red, and the opposite corners turn blue. The center of the screen turns dark-light blue, the left and right sides turn yellow and the top and right sides turn minty green. The spaces inside the "a"s of "cardinal" turn green, and the space inside the "d" of "kids" turns black.

File:Cardinal Kids Logo (2013-).png

The finished logo.


The stripes forming, the colors changing, the text sliding in.


Same as the PBS Kids logo, but the voices say "Cardinal Kids!" instead of "PBS Kids!" and the "Doink" is replaced by a "bling".


Common. It can be seen on the Cardinal Kids network at times, and after shows on Cardinal Kids.

Scare Factor[]

Low to medium. The voices saying "Cardinal Kids!" might startle some.