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Cario International Films in a Egyptian film company that ran from the 1950's to the 2000's.

1st Logo (1952-1972)

Visuals: The logo stars of with a film camera zooming in at the middle of the screen before it stops. The camera starts spinning as a filmstrips with images of films on it comes out of the lens before the filmstrips suddenly appears moving at the left side of the screen almost covering up the entire seen before the following texts:



In very big blocky letters zoom's in letter-by-letter almost covering the screen in a very fast speed. A image of the same thing but with the text in Arabic is seen on the filmstrips, which the screen zooms in to it giving it a better view of the logo. The logo fades out and "هدايا" fades in at the center of the screen before fading out again.

Technique/Cheesy Factor: The camera zooming in, the filmstrips moving, the texts zooming in, the camera zooming in on the strip and fading out, and the text fading in and out. Pretty 50's stylish in-your-face animation, which is pretty dated for the 50's. The font of the text is pretty tacky and unfitting as well and looks even ghostly as well.

Audio: The loud bombastic happy sounding trumpet fanfare which gets even more louder during the logo's animation.

Availability: Seen on their films like Al-Abbasid.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the unnerving loud music along with the cheesiness and tackiness of the logo can be pretty scary to some viewers. The darkness mixed with the big in-your-face letters can also be a very big problem as well, possibly making it a very scary Egyptian logo from this country. Low to medium for those who had seen it, the in-your-face animation is still pretty scary.

2nd Logo (1972-1980's)

Visuals: TBA

Technique: The big red text wiping in letter-by-letter, the text fading in and "Presente" fading in...

Cheesy Factor: ...Which is pretty dated for the era, but still decent and good.

Audio: None or a opening theme of a movie.

Availability: Seen on Raza Mosque while the others are TBA'd.

Scare Factor: Low, but it's mostly tamer than the last logo we described.

3rd Logo (1985-1999)

Visuals: Over a black background, there is a orange circle with a abstract CIF inside it, and text saying "القاهرة العالمية للأفلام (Cario International Films)" in Arabic or English.


  • On The Night Before War!, the logo is over a blue background with no text at all.
  • Sometimes the logo is in-credit:
    • On El-Aldami, the text "Presente" is seen under the company's name.
    • On the ending of The Dream, the company's is replaced with "THE END!".
  • On the VHS Release of Al-Teelar, the logo is colored blue and over a yellow background.

Technique: None.

Audio: None or an opening theme of a movie.


  • Originally seen on Haunted Night, The Night Before War!, The Mosque, El-Massiq, Al-Teelar and The History of Egypt.
  • The In-credit version was seen on El-Aldami, and The Dream.

Scare Factor: None, it's very tame.

4th Logo (1989-1990's)


5th Logo (1996, 1998)


6th Logo (2000)


7th Logo (2005-2008)