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Background: Carlton-Weiss Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG is a distribution company based in Mattersburg, Burgenland, formed by former Sascha Film (subsidiary of Tobis Film) workers, Carlton Ziesmer and Antje "Weiss" von der Ahe.


1st Logo (1998-2007, 2011, 2017)

Logo captures by Haltenburgs Zweichenee, worker at said compary

Logo descriptions by Dr Cow Andrew

Carlton-weiss n.png

Logo: We see a black empty neon-like pot of jam falling against a elk-haired background. Suddenly. the text "Carlton WeIss", on Carlton's scripted font, zooms out and forms rapidly at the speed of sound, taking place on the pot of jam. and "Filmproduktion" in Antje's scripted font, just appears for a microsecond. Then to finish the logo, an orange star shoots to form the point of the "i", at the borders of the e. A brick then shatters the glass of the jam and then we cut to black.


  • The german version of Nichijou had the logo still.
  • On german versions of The Loud House and Pinky Malinky, the logo is the same, but the star says "K/G" in a Goudy Stout font. Otherwise there is no shattering.

FX/SFX: MINDBLOWING 2D ANIMATION! Every single detail is on this logo. For the Nichijou Variant, none.

Cheesy Factor: Just the fact that it was stolen by Jam Filled Entertainment.

Music/Sounds: A 10-note descending trumpet fanfare, accompanying by trombones and xylophones. 5 orchestral notes, which sound like an opening theme to a primetime show, follow this, and then we hear shattering sounds.

  • The effects, which are shattering for the jam, dated zap noises for the text, and a splat for the star, but no shattering at all, appear in Pinky Malinky.
  • A synth fanfare with violins and a guitar are heard in The Loud House. On later episodes, it's reduced and modeled.
  • The closing theme of the show plays in some shows like Nichijou, Dokuro-chan, Mangirl!, Hazedon/Chief Joker, and some live-action programs like Alle Atzen, SING!!! and Problematic Red.
  • Starting at Episode 20 of The Loud House, a synth note gets held, and then a fast melody of 4 notes made by the instruments of the synth note, which passes off a mish-mash of piano, soft guitars and percussion, in a fanfare of a note which repeats thrice.

Availability: Common. Seen on Nichijou in it's earliest episodes, Problematic Red, Die Haus of Grotenbucker, The Great Spirit Is On You!, Der Unbekannte Preis, Moment der Wütenden Sicherheit Zerbrechliche Reduzierungen, or Die Sendung mit der Maus. First seen on Kugelgennanter Rundfunk. The 2017 variant was spotted on The Loud House and Pinky Malinky, at it's german fandub. Some shows do not have the shattering.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, with the shattering may get a few run in fear, but it's mostly harmless. None for the still, Loud House and Pinky Malinky Variants, the fact that there is no shattering at all makes it more tamer than the original variant.

All the rest TBA.