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Logo description by Reactor37654 and SeanElGatoTV2k8 Logo capture by Eric S.

Background: Castle Hill Productions was a film distribution company founded in 1978 by Broadway, film and television producer Julian Schlossberg. This company actively distributed some 400 films from its library and releases about ten films to art-house and revival theaters annually. It has also branched out into TV documentary production. Castle Hill went out of business in 2009, and most of their library was sold to Westchester Films.


Nickname: "The Red Star"

Logo: On a black background, we see a red, tilted star emerge from the top left of the screen. As it zooms in to the middle of the screen, two yellow lines are drawn near the top and bottom of the screen (the bottom line is slightly thicker). "Castle" and "Productions" appear below the top line and above the bottom line respectively. They are both in a yellow, bold font. Once the star is in place, it flashes at the screen and "Hill" appears at the star. The star is part of the second "l". "Presents" in a different yellow font appears below the bottom line via a "star" effect.

FX/SFX: The flashing.

Music/Sounds: An ethereal sound, overlaid with a light, bouncy synth fanfare. This eventually fades out.

Availability: Can be found on prints of the 40th Anniversary re-release of Orson Welles' version of Othello, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger LillyStagecoach, White Light, Becoming CollettePrayer of the Rollerboys, VoyagerBreaker Morant, and A Face In The Crowd, among other films seen on IFC, AMC, TCM, and other movie networks. It opened the mid-1990s Sci-Fi Channel reruns of the short-lived 1982 series The Phoenix. It also seen on older prints of the 1986 movie The Lightship, which is now owned by CBS Corporation.

Scare Factor: Low.