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These logos will make you hypocritical or making your own eyes spirally. "which its spiral eyes"


  • Lightbulb Productions (Hong Kong) (no lightbulb)
  • Leopard Films (India) (2nd logo) (no leopard)
  • Denzel Dugglemonster Films Inc. (Germany) (1st logo) (Denzel is not in the logo)
  • Crying Dak Productions (Afghanistan) (1st logo) (no crying Dak)
  • Quality Productions Ltd., Rahim Yar Khan (Pakistan) (Logo is blatant and stole anime footage, therefore not that good of a logo)
  • Sans Home Video (no Sans (character/meme))
  • Skipping Rope (no skipping rope/jump rope)
  • Kirby Movies (Indonesia) (no Kirby)
  • Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Films (Egypt) (the cartoon character Oswald is not in the logo)
  • Sad Dak Productions (Thailand) (1st logo) (no sad Dak)
  • Blue Eyes Company (Indonesia/Singapore) (Original Variant) (Blue Bird is shown instead of blue eyes)
  • Sacred Fire Productions (Japan) (3rd logo) (no Sacred Fire and Ho-Oh (not an elderly laugh))
  • Mad Duck British Productions PT LTD. (UK) (1998 - 2016) (no duck)
  • Rising Sun Films Company (Hong Kong) (2nd and 3rd logo) (no rising sun)
  • The House of Blue Bunnies Productions (Netherlands) (Original and variations) (No Blue Bunnies or House)
  • Jesus Unbidden Films (Nigeria) (no Jesus)

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