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CEPPI (Corporativa Empresarial de Producciones Paisanas Internacionales) Producciones is the vanity card for Alvaro Ceppi, very known for it's sketch in Zumbástico Fantastico, "Pepe: Un cuadrado en un mundo redondo".

1st Logo


Ceppi 1.png

Nicknames: "The Harmless Ceppi", "¡Maldito Mundo Redondo!"

Logo: We see a picture of a multicolored C, with all the logos drawing all at once. The drawing then flashes, and then freezeframes and seems like one of the colors is falling. Suddenly all their colors are falling down and shattering to form an abstract "E" and we see the text "C PPI" squashing through the E. A neon gray square which resembles Pepe, falls down like jelly and then the I transmits "fireworks", causing it to zoom in at the viewer.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, all in 2d animation.

Cheesy Factor: They ruined everything! The animation in this logo seems THE MOST OF DATED for the 2010's, the fireworks are just lines moving to the upper side of the screen, and they even...

Music/Sounds: make a fanfare which is hard to describe, but it's an orchestra playing and some guys laughing to interrupt the orchestra, shattering sounds when the colors fall, a wagon sound for the E, with the guys still laughing and squashing sounds, along with applauses when the "C PPI" Squashes into the E, and Pepe saying it's catchphrase "¡¡MALDITO MUNDO REDONDO!!" When the neon gray square falls, that is too annoying as well.

Availability: Seen on the short-lived Colón de Color (The Colored Colony) which originally on Spanish, aired on UCV TV.

Scare Factor: Low to high. Just beacuse the music is horrible, combined with the bad animation can give you a good shiver to your life doesn't mean it should startle people, especially for those who used to it.

But seriously, it can be even worse with the next logo!

2nd Logo


Ceppi 2.png

"The Coated Square (Among Others)" "The Square of Final Judgement" "The Reason Why I Didn't Watch Block!" "The Final 8-Bit Investigation" "Nightmare on the Edutainment Prosecurity" "Funhouse Productions' Chilean Sister" "The Angry Square" "The Book of Life as Told By Alvaro Ceppi" "The Logo Without Pepe" "The Most Awful Subject Matter In Los Andes" "The Hoodie Square" "And Now I Have Tinnitus II: Electric Boogaloo" "WildBrain's Chilean Brother"

Logo: We start a variety of crazy stuff, which consists of either (all seen for a split second):

  • A yellow square with a smiley face
  • A red square with a mellowed face
  • A black, grained square with an eyepatch and a karate belt on it's head
  • A neon square with blue borders
  • A sad-faced non-colored square
  • A rainbow square with a baby face drinking a bottle
  • A background of a dolphin with a face on it
  • A cartoony-face black and white square.
  • A background of KidZania with a face which looks like Mickey Mouse
  • A pickle background with an severely angry face
  • A broccoli background with a serious face with their tongue being flipped
  • Another yellow square with a punching hand and serious face
  • A background of a mayan tower with a modern cartoon-ish face
  • A blue square with a mermaid face
  • And some undescriptable things in final.

We then cut to an angry square which has a hand and holds a gun, also wearing an blue-outlined overline coat zooming in rapidly. It's legs are diagonal For split seconds, a blue square being happy appears, with it's hand being up. Once it shoots, the whole background then emmits severe strobe lights, and the text "CEPPI" on green, with the text "Producciones" in diagonal script, all on Ceppi's invented imprent script, appear. It's hand it's still raised and the blue guy still appears for split seconds. And then we see an explosion, which cuts to the Tomejés Productions vanity card.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo.

Cheesy Factor: The strange subject matter is too inappropiate for children's television. Even if unintentionably decided, this logo's nature goes far off the charts. You can see it clearly beacuse of the split second squares which all their designs look awful,and the strobe lights can also induce epilepsy. However, the final two squares also look the worst, beacuse of the coat that the cyan square is wearing is just an hump of a "P", just modeled and indignated into one combination. It seems like Ceppi was too busy making a logo, and only had this incarnation, which vaporises the cheesiness of the logo, more than WildBrain ever could, or the music, which is loud and very upsettling....

Music/Sounds: And actually is series of zaps and whooshes, followed by a weird celebration drumbeat and a loud explosion when the coated square appears, and when it shoots, a loud explosion is heard, and after the celebration drumbeat, an loud, yet-not-inspirated rock fanfare along with electricity zaps and stuttering, also with people screaming and murmuring some gibberish. Then a very loud explosion is heard.

Availability: Seen on Block!!, Zumbástico Fantastico at it's second season, Solo Soy Un Tipo Negro, Squared Hickidation, Borders of the Nittist Land, Exagerista Intelevisado, among others.

Scare Factor: Nightmare. The subject matter containing on this logo, the strobe lights with the expansion of the loud music, and the scream, but otherwise the nature, that's super weird and the gun, with the forming of the text would definetly scare many people, given this a fact that is a productions company considered as an edutainment (You know, It's for KIDS!). If children would ever saw this, They would never sleep at night. Also, it's too common and current, it should be the worst nightmare on childhood. High to nightmare for those who used to it, this was the less expected logo of the time, beacuse there is only one recording as of now which has an english translation. Others may find this logo severely expressive.

3rd Logo


Logo: TBD

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: TBD.

Availability: TBD

Scare Factor: Minimal. This logo is a great sucessor to the logo that happened earlier, due to this only being a still vanity card. However, the sounds may startle some anyways.