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Background: Chairhole Enterainment is a production company owned by Sam A. Webster, who then went on to create "Rally and Checker", a present day successor to the duo's human prototype "Lenny and Fred", who were drawn by Webster at age 10. In 2014, Chairhole merged with Funhouse Productions to form Funhole Entertainment.

1st Logo (2013, 2016-)[]

Nicknames: "The Prize", "Sam at the Carnival"

Logo: In a carnival setting, we see Sam A. Webster (Chairhole's founder) moving a ball as a target to a pyramid of milk bottles standing on an electronic table (this is actually a rare electronic milk bottle knockdown set). Sam then knocks them all over with his ball, and the lights on the table light up, with the text saying "Winner!" blinking every 1 second. The table dispenses out a golden chair given to Sam as a prize for winning. We then transition to the Chairhole logo, with the golden chair sitting on top of the text "Chairhole Entertainment" in a specific font known as Korinna Bold.

FX/SFX: Animation by Sam A. Webster. This was made using Macromedia Flash 8.

Music/Sounds: Carnival music, followed by sounds of milk bottles being knocked down, along with the sound of a robotic voice saying "You are a winner!", then the popping sound as the table dispenses a golden chair, followed by Sam saying "Oh, my gosh, I love it so much!". When we transition to the logo, we hear an abridged version of "TV Star Tonight", available at the Freeplay Music website.

Availability: Rare. So far, it is only seen on ''The Wonderful World of Sam A. Webster'' pilot episode. Plus, the logo will be seen on more Chairhole projects (movies and TV) in the near future.

Editor‘s Note: It may be a favorite of many who like carnivals.